Various ways to safeguard schools

Various ways to safeguard schools

It has come into notice that safety measures in schools are easily compromised. It is indeed very easy for a stranger to get into touch with any of the kid without the knowledge of anyone. Kids are simple and easy to fool people. It should be the job of every school and its authorities to take care of the children and do not let anyone get easy access to their privacy.
Privacy for children is a quite complicated issue and although it is difficult for the whole school to collectively address this problem we still need to use some measures to at least try the implementation. Below are some tips for taking this action:

1. Limiting the access to everyone to enter every building – This is a very simple solution to our problem. Limiting entries to each school building where some outsider does not have any work will surely work without any difficulty. If it has been made clear that the main entrance and entrance to other buildings have a different route, then there will be no need for any stranger to meet any unknown child.

Signboards and using locking technologies are another effective ways to address the same. More employees can be hired to take care of these machines and also the entrances. Time-to-time checks should also be made.

2. Surveillance of common areas in the school – Since schools are large in area, it is very easy for some stranger to hide anywhere. To make sure that these strangers do not enter a student-prone area, monitoring and surveillance need to be incorporated into the buildings. 

This can be done by either hiring people for this job of monitoring major places like class corridors, auditoriums, fields, hallways or by using video cameras in these areas. Video cameras might not be the better idea because they give a delayed action of what is happening.

3. Teaching safety measures to every class – This is another simple and easy to do the step that would inculcate safeguarding techniques to every student. A security assessment team can be hired, or only the teachers can do the needful. It would give a detailed exercise to the students about basics of taking care of themselves when in such a situation.
This would act as a self-awareness program for the children and for them to be alert whenever a stranger calls.

4. A communication system in various areas – Another effective method that can be taken up is installing communication systems like fixed walkie-talkies inside the parts of the school like the classrooms, basements and also near the toilets. This will ensure that in case of urgency, any child can use this measure and the management will be reported instantly.

5. Keeping a check on the visitors – A log book, keeping the entrance and leaving records for all the people other than students entering the campus. A camera on the entrance would even take their photograph so if there is an emergency; the photograph can be used by the inspection team. The logbook will ensure that records of everyone are available for further tracking.

6. Efforts by parents – Parents can be the best resource for keeping their children safe. If they already train their children by making them sharp and smart, there would be no problem for him/her. They can ask open-ended questions to their children for the starters. Secondly, they should make sure that the child knows their contact numbers to call in case of need.
Next, a role-play situation can be made up to teach the child. Be a presence in their schools and their whereabouts. If some behavioral change is noticed in children, then it is time to take some action. 


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