Top 9 Android Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe On The Internet Or The Streets (Part 2)

Top 9 Android Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe On The Internet Or The Streets (Part 2)

**If you haven’t gone through the first part of this topic, you can do so here.

5. Kids Place- Parental Control

It’s an app launcher complete with child lock and parental control features that help to protect your personal data and restrict kids to only those apps approved by you.

This app is trusted by millions of families over the globe, and it requires no internet connection, no account creation, no email, and no payment to work.

Key features include:

  • Customized home screen authorized by the parents.

  • Providing access to parents approved apps.

  • Unapproved apps and settings are blocked through a passcode.

  • Capable of blocking incoming calls as per requirement.

  • Capable of preventing downloading and buying apps from the app stores.

  • Toddler lock.

  • Appropriate for kids of all ages: Teenagers, babies, and toddlers.

  • Additional parental control filtering videos and images; available via plug-ins.

  • Can convert any phone or tablet into a kid-friendly device.

This app is available on Google Play for free Android device downloads.

6. Talkative Parents

The Talkative Parents app helps to bridge the communication gap between the schools and the parents of the school going children.

This application allows parents to connect and chat with one another in the right group, and also with the teaching staff regarding the academic progress of their children.

Key features include:

  • Automatic sorting: Parents are automatically sorted into groups with other parents of their child’s class.

  • School Notification: Registered schools can send notices to the parents through this app.

  • Group chats and peer to peer sharing: Similar to Facebook, parents can create a private group chat with other parents/teachers and interact over there as per requirements.

  • Low data consumption.

  • Complete privacy and safety.

The Talkative Parents app is available on Google Play and can be downloaded for free.

7. BabyChakra: Pregnancy, Parenting & Childcare App

Many first time parents often face a huge amount of harassment on the basis of the numerous childcare options available in the market. Most of them struggle to find out which one of them are trustworthy and credible enough of the lot.

Well, this app can make things easy for you.

The BabyChakra Parenting and advising application is one of the best free parenting apps for all your parenting, pregnancy, maternity, childcare, and baby development needs.

Some of its key features include:

  • Finding out the best maternity services in your city through honest reviews on child care and maternity centers.

  • Finding quality pediatricians, playschools, party-planners, activity centers, etc.; all at the mere tap of a button.

  • Quality parenting tips from the community.

  • Parenting, pregnancy, and childcare health support. The BabyChakra parenting experts are always available on the app and can help you out at any given moment (through chat).

  • Tons of helpful pregnancy articles.

  • Fun activities for babies and parents.

  • Baby tracker to monitor your baby’s growth.

The BabyChakra app is available on Google Play for free Android device downloads.

8. Children TV

Want to ensure that your child’s watching the right video on the internet?

Well, this app may just be the perfect fit for you.

The Children TV app is meant for parents and children to enjoy watching kid-friendly videos on the YouTube.

The developers claim to have previewed all videos before displaying them on this platform on an age-appropriate basis (starting from 2 years to 6). Thus, as far as the “trust” factor is concerned, the Children TV app wins it hands down for sure.

This app is available on Google Play for free.

9. MamaBear Family Safety

This is your all-in-one family safety application providing instant news about your child’s virtual and physical activity.

Through this app, kids can:

  • Keep their parents updated with text messages regarding their whereabouts.

  • Notify their parents with “emergency” notifications in case they run into an emergency.

  • Customize their view of the app through its wallpaper selections.

Parents can:

  • Know their child’s whereabouts at the mere touch of a button.

  • Set up arrival and departure notifications to important places such as home, practice, and schools.

  • Know when they have exceeded a customized driving speed.

The MamaBear Family Safety app is available on Google Play and can be downloaded for free.

So that sums up our list for now. Hope the list of apps mentioned above come in handy for your purpose. Stay safe; stay blessed!


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