Top 9 Android Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe On The Internet Or The Streets (Part 1)

Top 9 Android Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe On The Internet Or The Streets (Part 1)

Most children, today, have easy access to the latest technologies available in the market; the internet being the scariest of the lot.

While it’s true that the internet is mostly used to enhance knowledge about a subject, one of the primary concerns remain that it is absolutely not a very safe place for a child, especially with cases like cyber frauds, grooming, bullying, and scams surfacing so often [Remember “Blue Whale”?].

Thankfully, when technology creates perils, it’s technology that comes to the rescue as well. Plenty of apps are available in the market that are developed with the sole purpose of giving parents the peace of mind regarding their children’s safety. Here are a few for your reference.

1. eKavach

eKavach is a parenting application meant to spread awareness among parents about their kids’ online activities.

This app is created by Certus technologies, a Delhi-based tech start-up, and is available on Google Play for free Android device downloads.

Key features include:

  • Safe browsing and web content filtering: Parents can use this feature to block harmful web content to ensure a safe browsing experience for the kid.

  • Application management: eKavach tells parents about the applications used by a child and the amount of time s/he spends on a particular application.

  • Real-time alerts: eKavach monitors a child’s online activities at all possible times. The moment it detects any breach of the boundaries set by the parents, it sends a timed notification to the parents’ phone without any further ado.

2. IT Act, 2000 & Cyber Law India

The IT Act, 2000 & Cyber Law India app was created with the particular goal of creating cyber awareness among all sections of the Indian society.

With general tips on internet safety, this app is exquisitely useful for educators and parents to keep children away from the clutches of danger on the internet.

Key features include:

  • The in-app cyber dictionary helps parents/educators get familiar with the Indian laws on cyberbullying, fraud, and other similar cases.

  • There’s a dedicated section called “cyber safety tips for children” that parents/educators can use to understand how the dark underworld works and take precautionary measures to keep children away from harm’s way in the best possible manner.

The IT Act, 2000 & Cyber Law India app is available on Google Play and can be downloaded for free.

3. Safe Browser- The Web Filter

It’s a cloud-based content filtering browser that helps in monitoring billions of webpages and millions of websites to provide your kids with a safe browsing environment.

Key features include:

  • Anti adult website.

  • Anti online gaming and gambling websites.

  • Anti abusive drug websites.

  • Anti gun websites and forums.

  • Anti virus and spyware websites.

  • Anti proxy sites that help to bypass parental control software and firewall.

  • Anti spam sites.

The safe browser app is available on Google Play and can be downloaded for free on Android mobile phones and tablets.

4. ItsMyChild-Parental App

This is a comprehensive application that helps parents keep a strict tab over their child’s academic achievements, healthcare, digital communication, and most importantly, their physical whereabouts.

Key features include:

  • Find My Child: As the name suggests, this feature can help parents locate their child by means of a single click.

  • Emergency alerts: Send an emergency alert to six trusted contacts from your child’s phone in case there’s an emergency.

  • Find a doctor: This feature will help you search for a physician nearby in case you encounter any health-related emergency.

  • Phone safety: With the aid of this feature, parents can set times, data usage limits, and categories on their child’s mobile device.

  • Memories: This feature allows parents to store special achievements and moments of their child all together at one place.

  • School notifications: Even schools can send notifications to the parents about anything related to their child, thanks to this feature of the app.

  • Event Calendar & Reminders: This feature makes it possible for parents to set up reminders about all academic and non-academic related activities about their child.

The ItsMyChild-Parental App is available on Google Play and can be downloaded for free.

So that concludes the first part of this topic. We will come up with the next ASAP. Till then, goodbye!


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