Tips For Parents: How To Choose The Right School For Your Child

Tips For Parents: How To Choose The Right School For Your Child

It can really be daunting for a parent to choose the right school for his/her kid, especially when the choices are so many. After all, this is a life-changing decision capable of making all the differences in the development of a child either for better or worse.

Therefore, you, as a parent, must do your own research in depth to find out the most appropriate school of the lot. The following guide can help.

1. Narrow down your choices

Before you start looking, it is important for you to decide what exactly is more important for your child.

You may use several criteria of a school such as art and science strengths, foreign language, study abroad opportunities, and other similar factors to narrow down your choices to the most appropriate one(s) of the lot.

  • An excellent way of understanding a school is to look at their available resources and faculty. Schools having more teachers and a demonstrated readiness to invest in education should be strong from this point of view.

  • Always take the commutating factor into account. You would definitely not want the school to be miles away from your location unless it exhibits proper conveyance facilities to ease things up.

  • Be open to options. If you have a wide variety of school types in your location, do not just limit yourself to one. Remember, the funding of a school doesn’t necessarily correlate to the quality of its education.

  • Most schools, nowadays, have statistics available on their website demonstrating the rate of success of their students in board examinations. This information can also come in handy for you in narrowing down your choices.

2. Once narrowed down, visit your shortlisted choices IN PERSON

An “in person” examination can never be substituted by things like phone calls, online research and simple word of mouth. Hence, we are strongly advising you to visit your shortlisted choices in person to make the final choice of your own.

  • When you make a visit, make sure you talk to the teachers, principal, and other parents (if possible). Take their opinions into account and decide whether the school’s really going to be a good fit for your kid or not.

  • If a school doesn’t allow any pre-enrollment visit, consider that as a red flag. We would advise you to avoid these school as much as possible because discouraging pre-enrollment visits puts a huge question mark over their operational transparencies. So, avoid for your own good.

3. Have a backup plan in place

You may already have a dream school in your mind for your child, but sometimes, it’s just not meant to be because of a host of different reasons starting from a rigorous application process to a waiting list, to a financial barrier, and other similar things.

It’s, therefore, advisable to have a backup plan in place so that you aren’t shut out of your options and are compelled to send your kid to a less than ideal school.

4. Lastly, confirm the structure of education you want

As far as young children education’s concerned, there are several approaches. You have to decide the right approach for your kid and select his/her school on the basis of the same.


  • Schools stressing more on “play-based programs” aim to use play and games for developing initial skills in students.

  • On the other hand, schools stressing more on academically based programs, work in a structured academic setting focused on preparing the child for his/her next steps in school.

  • Know the different educational philosophies of kindergarten schools. These are:

  • Montessori,

  • Waldorf,

  • Reggio Emilia,

  • HighScope, and

  • Bank Street.

Research each of them carefully to find out which one suits your kid the best. Then go ahead and take the leap of faith without any further ado.

So that’s it then. Hope the tips mentioned above come in handy for your purpose. Good luck!


A final word…

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