The urban legends are vulnerable to the hysteria of Blue Whale

The urban legends are vulnerable to the hysteria of Blue Whale

The sudden storm of a devil online game named ‘Blue Whale has washed away all the teen minds into the eternal darkness of death. The terror game is not a fowl but dares the participants to accept challenges like engraving a blue whale on the skin and jumping off tall buildings promoting suicides.

The famous picture reveals the engraved whale mark on hand


What is the starting point of Blue Whale Game?

The world encountered the threshold of Blue Whales in May 2016 with a lot of lucrative stories that the Russian newspaper ‘Novaya Gazeta’ published. Their reports depicted that the bizarre online challenge targets the teens and provide every contender various odd provocations leading to self-killing. Soon, the British tabloids took charge of the news, and the police came into the action of warning the parents for taking care of their children. By now, the whole world starting from Brazil to India is aware of this perilous plot.

The glaring appeal of this game is impressive. The media outlets are busy swallowing the whole facts, and the adults are surmising that the dangerous force is maligning the internet focusing on the kids. The comic relief in this critical article is that anyone has hardly got any direct knowledge about the subculture. The forums that are busy discussing the suicide temptations on the internet are not from another planet.

Get the notion:

The murkiness of this evil Blue Whale

Many fumed stories have come up with this game. Philipp Budeikin, a 21-year-old Russian young man, was known to be the mastermind behind this panorama. He was arrested. The estimated number of dared suicides swung from around 130 to approximately 16 through the undercuts of the original story.

A journalist named Anne Collier, researching on young people and digital safety put the game into a particular perspective. It has been said that thousands of bots were found in Russia using the hashtags. Again, Radio Free Europe once tried to link the whale inked suicide to the game and end in nothing. Snipes, a fact-checking site couldn’t give any conclusive evidence regarding the game. Safer Internet Centre in Bulgaria empirically studied the digital behavior of the adolescents reported that Russia stands in the highest rank in case of teen suicides. But, it is not proved whether this disgusting internet subculture is the actual reason behind the deaths.

The craze of Blue Whale

The world is shaken with the Blue Whale mania when Rina Palenkovoy, a Russian teenager posted her picture on and committed suicide after that. There were many online communities involved with the website whose promoters claimed that their goal was to draw advertising numbers and visitors. They denied the encouragement towards teen suicides. They have used the iconography around Rina Palenkovoy as their promotional substance.

Another incident took place on November 14, 2016. The police outside Moscow arrested Filipp Budeikin, a 21-year-old man as a suspect of the Blue Whale death Group’s organizer. As per Radio Liberty, the man told that he was randomly interrogated by the police. The translation of his interview from Russian to English is untrustworthy. According to the man’s lawyer, nothing has dwelled, whereas, the authorities contradicted by saying that he was suspected of involvement in fifteen suicides. The Blue Whale phenomenon has won the global interests. The hype started scattering through social media with several myths surrounding the game.

The vulnerability of the urban legends towards Blue Whale, the wild death game

We are emotionally and psychologically triggered by the news surrounding the game. For our weak minds, a single teen death is equal to many. Don’t you think it is an act of irresponsibility to get agitated by the game instead of looking at the signs of mental troubles? The danger that hugs the sensationalist stories of death cults and offhand suicides generates true tragedy as the vulnerable individuals get flushed out in the pestilence.

The future prediction

Blue Whale- a popular belief that the game tempts the player to take his/her own life has led the legislators and parents in several countries to raise voice for a ban. The forums of suicide promotion have already predated the internet arena. Many great literature and music personalities have condoned suicide and self-harm. For example, the author of The Naked Lunch- William Burroughs, Kurt Kobain who is the frontman of Nirvana group, heavy metal icons – Ozzy Osborne and Marilyn Manson have caused self-killing.

The Central Asian countries and Russia are the countries with highest rates of suicides. Even in India, the rate of undetected depression among the adolescents pulled the trigger of suicidal worries. Many researchers have stressed on the neglected mental health for many years that is the cause of all the suicides taking place. Therefore, according to them, it is not right to blame the internet or social media sites responsible for the publicized deaths. Thus, we, the urban legends must concentrate on curing the mental ruptures for healthy and happy lives instead of crying over the spilled milk of Blue Whale. It is always advisable to be cautious because the teens may be flattered with the threatening challenges and go ahead with self-destruction.

Rima Bose

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