Machines are going smarter than the most intelligent humans- Are we entering into the Planet of APPS?

Machines are going smarter than the most intelligent humans- Are we entering into the Planet of APPS?

Wake up! It’s 6 A.M.

Your mobile alarm is the first sound you hear every morning. Then, you put the pedometer and go for a jog. After a bit a calorie burning, you come back home, and your coffee machine serves you the perfect cup of your favorite cappuccino. Your dress is automatically washed, dried and ironed. You enter your bathroom, and the automatic shower recognizes your voice and gives you the relaxing warm bath. You carry your latest technology car with auto driving modes and another posh advanced system. Your office entry is powered by your retina and fingerprint sensors.

The smartest animals, HUMANS have made progress to the mars and moon. Rockets, robots, and virtual medium have become standard daily aspects. In fact, the scientists are upgrading robots in such a way, that they are replacing human minds to some extent and doing all the cores by themselves. Watch any sci-fi Hollywood movie like Artificial Intelligence or Matrix, you will understand the upcoming future as these movies are the reflection of the robotic capture.

Artificial Intelligence is a serious most thinking which is raising profound issues for public policy and ethics that are concerning the today’s philosophers. They are predicting that the human-level machine can capture the world within the next half-century. It would have a revolutionary impact on our economic, political, social, technological, scientific, environmental and commercial issues.

The fog revolving around mechanic intelligence

The artificial intelligence’s annals are full of broken promises. It is believed by some intellectuals that we still have zero resemblance of a brilliant machine even after reaching the half-century of the first electric computer. Here, the intelligence signifies the general purpose smartness that the humans claim as their sole inheritance. Some thinkers opine that it may not be possible to build a real artificial intelligence that can surpass the general intellectual abilities of humans.

Therefore, neither the scary machine intelligence nor the past predictions prove that advanced applications cannot be created. At least we can acknowledge that the scenario of the future world in 2050 will be in such position where the human intelligence can be lead by the artificial intelligence.

The current scenario

The machines are presently lacking the comfortable learning as well as reasoning ability that urge an average man to master any occupation and daily tasks. For example, computers are the best friends of scientists, but they are still far from doing the research themselves.

Another ongoing challenge places on the hardware part. The speed rather than the memory is the potentially limiting factor. The present research is going on to find out whether the computer hardware can estimate the human brain’s processing power. For example, a high range computer has approximately 1000 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second). The latest supercomputer till date can perform at ten million MIPS around. It indicates that we can soon strike the distance of achieving the hardware needs for the artificial intelligence of human level.

Some incidents:

The race presenting the 2012 US Presidential Election appointed an undisputed winner – “DATA.” We had got journalists working for several years on the field through their analysis on polling data via instincts, gut feelings and intuitions. We have also got Nate Silver, a blogger for New York Times who has zero experience as a political analyst but has got a large number of statistical models, scientific data, computer algorithms and mathematical formulas. Hence, the result: - the experienced political analysts failed, and Nate Silver emerged as a winner with the prediction of the election results with 100% accuracy.

Once, we believed that the computers could never beat human brains in chess. But, we experienced the challenge between Deep Blue and Garry Kasparov in 1997, where the IBM machine outdoes the World Chess Champion. Then, in 2011, IBM Watson defeated Brad Rutter (all-time money winner: (>$3.4 million), and Ken Jennings (longest championship streaks with 74 wins) at the Game of Jeopardy.

As per Noam Chomsky, the MIT professor (legendary linguist), the heavy usage of data and statistical methods is negligible in language as you can get a better approximation, but can’t learn anything about the language. Whereas the Director of Research at Google, Peter Norvig said that grammaticality is not a deterministic and categorical judgment, rather, it is inherently probabilistic.

Some bad news:-

The emergence of the smart machines is gradually taking our lives into their control and enslaving us. Remember the auto correct inbuilt dictionary of your phone that gives you the inbuilt spelling whenever you type a word. In a modern hi-tech car, you are bound to obey the command of the machine before you drive it. Again, Fitbit, your fitness gadget tells you the counted steps and the amount of burned calories.

Artificial Intelligence is an independent agent

We will be immensely wrong if we conceptualize it as a technological tool. The scientists are gradually progressing towards making general-purpose intelligence that can take independent initiative and make plans. This AI can be viewed more as a person. In the economic term, it can be classified as labor. Therefore, if we control the AI’s motivations, it can contribute as a highly capable slave

Are we entering the World of Apps?

The evolution of intelligent machines is developing dramatically. We can expect to create machines with intellectual abilities that can surpass humans. Following Moore’s Law, the AI’s speed will be doubled every couple of years. Accordingly, within fourteen years, there will be the existence of machines that can think hundred times faster than humans. The parallel advancement of software will lead to the toughest intellectual competition between humans and machines. The engineering projects, scientific productions and financial transactions mediated by the digital communication networks can be at the mercy of mechanical super-intelligence in our future.

Rima Bose

Rima is an ardent writer and an awe-inspiring fitness trainer. She surmises in expressing through her mind that has been penned down in her writings. She has maintained her sportsmanship through regular martial arts and swimming. A beautiful mind and a glowing soul shine eternity as per her stance.

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