Teachers - Get Ready to Crack The School Interview with Ease

Teachers - Get Ready to Crack The School Interview with Ease

Have you got a call from a school administrator for an interview?

Do you want to become a teacher?

Are you excited and nervous simultaneously thinking about all the quirky questions you are going to face in the interview?

I must tell you that if you go well prepared and confident enough, then nobody on earth can fail you. Preparing for an interview is like studying hard for the upcoming exam. Your career will decide your future, and, what is the noblest job other than teaching?

I remind of a famous quote by Phil Collins- ‘In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn.'

So, what do you think is more important, learning or teaching? When we surveyed the interviewees and asked them about the questions they were asked, we got a variety ranging from pedagogical expertise to pastoral care.

If your interview day is nearing, start preparing yourself. I am here to give you a list of probable questions that you may face and how you should deal with them with grace.

Question number 1

Say something about yourself.

Most interviews start with this question. Almost every person has to cross this question as your self-introduction will judge your confidence, knowledge and yourself as a person. So, give a brief introduction smartly in about three to four sentences. Remember, the first impression is the most important aspect in an interview. Don’t show your nervousness. Don’t stammer. Be calm and think before you say. Tell them about your educational background, teaching certification, other curriculum activities and degrees. Add your working experiences. Your hobbies will reveal your inner personality. Don’t exaggerate. Say whatever you mentioned in your curriculum vitae.

Question number 2

What is your view on ‘discipline’?

You apply many positive reinforcements. You are firm and optimistic. You don’t yell. You provide appropriate consequences for wrong behavior. You post your classroom rules on the walls. You set standard routines for the students. Tell them that one should adhere to the discipline guidelines of the school strictly. Convince the interviewers by saying that the control issues will be minimal as your lessons and lectures and very interesting and engaging to the learners. Never say that you may send the students to the principal’s office if they are not obedient.

Question number 3

Why do you wish to teach in this school?

Every school is supposed to give the best teaching to the students. You need to be tricky in answering this one. I should remind you that the interview board asks this question to view clear indications that the candidates have researched about the particular school thoroughly. They want to know the reasons behind your interests into their way of working.

Question number 4

What are the primary qualities and skills students search in a teacher?

Your answer must include these points:-

• Fairness

• Good thoughts for kids

• Sense of Humor

• Consistency

• Create interest through explanations

• Passion for the distinct subject

• Ability to make the topic relevant

• Ability to make the students feel comfortable

• Interactive

• Enjoyable

Question number 5

If I suddenly visit your classroom, what can I expect?

Here, the interviewer wants to hear about the progress of the students, animated discussions, and student’s performance in both oral and written aspects. You must be able to show them the high-quality visual aspects of the kids’ works. The auditors wish to watch a high level of engagement and supportive learning behavior of the teacher and the students.

Question number 6

Why do teachers teach X in schools?

This is a real tough nutcracker. If it is English or Mathematics, the candidates think the interviewer has gone crazy. But, the underlying truth is that the administrator wants to hear things like:-

• Teamwork

• Improvement of skills

• Independent learning

• Gaining qualification

• Enjoyment

• Memory Boost

• Enhance other subjects

• Self-discipline

• Develop literacy, ICT skills, and numeracy

• Growth of the career prospects

Question number 7

Why is your motive behind special education?

By this question, the panel wants to see whether you genuinely recognize and feels that you are going to enter in the education business that is meant for nurturing the children’s lives.

Question number 8

What do you expect your colleagues to comment on you?

In every profession, members are meant for discussing fellow employees. The interviewer wishes to hear about your development, leadership quality, and friendliness.

Question number 9

How will you prepare the kids for their assessments?

You must know the tests’ names to answer this question. Tell about your experiences of preparing students. The bonus point will be yours if you can describe the test format which will prove your familiarity with the assessments.

Question number 10

What will you miss if we don’t appoint you in our school?

The questioner aspires to see your selling capacity and convenience power.

Question number 11

How would you deal with the parents?

It is one of the common questions asked in school interviews. Tell them about the necessity of sending newsletters to the parents on a weekly basis for providing them the idea of the given assignments. If the children are misbehaving, you may conduct a parent-teacher meeting for solving the behavioral issue. Suggest the authorities about the open- discussion policy so that the parents can share their concerns.

Finally, if you get a chance, evaluate your lesson. Tell them that teaching is a one-off session in an unfamiliar school with unknown students. The school authorities desire to appoint candidates who can be self-critical and recognize when the concerned things go well. Keep your eye contact intact. Answer with a warm gesture and a smile. Ask questions repeatedly if you are not clear what you are asked. Don’t just answer. Give your suggestions for improvement. Good luck to you.


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