Social Media: A Stormy Phase Of Your Child’s Life- Take Care

Social Media: A Stormy Phase Of Your Child’s Life- Take Care

Generation 2K is a media-rich cohort. The kids born in this internet-dominated era live most of their lives on-screen. They are much busier in posting their updates in the virtual world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat than refurbishing their enliven situations in the real living medium.

The confusion lies in the exact pinning of the term ‘social media’.

Is it something related to socialization?

Again, the word ‘media’ revolves in our mind, and we start thinking something about television, radio or newspaper journalism that we have experienced during our growing days. But, our digital children are encountering the Online Social Media Tornado that is something beyond just world news.

Let’s get the sunshine hiding behind the shady cloud:-

Social: - Interaction with other people through information sharing and receiving.

Medianm: - An instrument of communication via internet.

So, we can mix this into a web-based communicating mechanism that helps in enabling people to interact with each other through information exchange.

The standard features of social media:-

1. User Accounts: - The visitors can create their accounts and log in to enter the particular domain.

2. Profile page: - It is the individualistic representation of a particular person. It contains the information about the user (website, bio, photos, feeds, recent activities, messages, etc.)

3. News feeds: - If you want to get information about anything, in particular, you type your desired words in the search box, and you will get the necessary information from them in real time through news feeds.

4. Friends, groups, hashtags, followers, etc.: - Individuals connecting with others can make them subscribe to particular categories of information.

Social media is an ocean of fresh waves of connection to the whole world. Students get the occasions to communicate and socialize with family and friends. But, the negative waves of this modernization can destroy our children’s serenity.

A) Spam: - Spammers bombard the mass with useless contents. Be it on Twitter, or your Wordpress blog, your spam filter catch irrelevant spams daily.

B) Manipulation of self-image:- What your kids posts about themselves contain small pieces of their lives. The users get the authority of what to show and what not to reveal to others by manipulating their images.

C) Cyber bullying: - Children are the target of the evils. Cyber stalkers can easily mark them as the postings open their locations via mobile devices.

D) Fake news: - Fake news websites promote false stories for driving the traffic towards them. Children easily fall prey to these kind of news.

E) Privacy: - Kids social media profile can get hacked despite having security measures incurred by the admin authorities. Many platforms don’t offer the entire privacy options that are important to keep the personal accounts safe.

AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) opposed ‘screen time’ for kids less than two years of age. It has been surveyed that more than 30% of the kids in the U.S. play with mobile phones while they are in diapers. Around 75% of children between thirteen - seventeen possess smart phones, and almost 24% use them daily. As per AAP, children older than two years may use social media for about a couple of hours.

Our kids are growing up digital. The environment of media has both positive and adverse effects. Our parenting rules must follow the basics:-

• Teaching kindness

• Playing with the kids

• Setting limits for goodness

• Knowing their friends

• Knowing where they are visiting

Superb tips for dealing with the media-rich kids:-

i. Be an example by limiting your screen time.

ii. Check regularly how your children are spending their time on productive works rather than just setting a timer.

iii. If you allow them to use social media sites for positive purposes, keep your eyes widely opened to the contents they are entering.

iv. Talk to the kids as much as you can. Watching videos passively are not going to develop their (especially, the toddlers) language and vocabulary.

v. Play the video games together so that you can keep your hold on the timing.

vi. Build boundaries for them so that their online presence don’t interfere their education and other curricular activities.

vii. Tell them to be careful of their surroundings (no chatting with strangers, no sharing of photos with unknown people, no sexual talks with online friends, no unethical messages, etc.)

viii. If your kid plays the game like Pokémon Go, tell them to be very careful as this type of game leads them to the real roads, and they can face accidents.

ix. Let your kids play off the screen like on the grounds or the lawn. It is essential for their mental and physical health.

x. Preserve the lunch and dinner time as ‘tech-free family meal time’.

xi. Let your kids make mistakes and teach them lessons from the errors.

I would advise you to educate yourself about social media thoroughly before guiding your children. Nurture your relationship with your kids so that they share every detail of the online media life with you. Converse openly in a friendly manner and help your tech-savvy offsprings research and navigate positively through the forest of digital media.

Rima Bose

Rima is an ardent writer and an awe-inspiring fitness trainer. She surmises in expressing through her mind that has been penned down in her writings. She has maintained her sportsmanship through regular martial arts and swimming. A beautiful mind and a glowing soul shine eternity as per her stance.

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