Prepare for Your Exam in A Week

Prepare for Your Exam in A Week

Justin is sleeping. Suddenly he woke up in the middle of the night like he has seen something horrible. No, he hasn’t view anything. His fearful wide spread eyes are the result of the upcoming exam. Only a couple of weeks left and he has got to prepare and revise a high amount of syllabus.

This happens with most of the student before the examinations. Whenever the boards or finals knock the door, palpitation starts. Everything revolves over the head by thinking how to cope with the complete syllabus and sit for the papers without any fear.

I say, “One week is enough to prepare for your exam.” Seven days can make a big difference if you follow these tips:-

Get your head and work right. Believe in yourself and kick the negative thoughts out of your mind.

Michelangelo uttered once, “If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all.

Do not think about the past experiences as you cannot change it. If you focus on your present, it can positively affect your future. Remember the proverb “Don’t cry over split milk.

Say a BIG NO to distractions. Take a break from your mobile phone, video games, TV shows and music systems. Many students can do math while listening to music. If you belong to this kind, you can hear your favorite music while preparing the chapters. If any sound disturbs you including the cute barking of your pet dog or meowing of the fluffy cat, keep them away for the time being. Video games and TV won’t help you pass, nor do chatting or updating recent status on social media sites. The increasing number of likes and comments won’t feed you the knowledge.

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. A balanced diet full of nutrients along with some exercises will keep your immunity and stamina high. The less sick and tired you will be, the more you can give time to your study. Avoid junk foods. Eat home cooked food. Add milk, fruits, nuts, and vegetables to your diet if you are not taking them on a regular basis.

Do some cardio exercises to get your body flexibility, detoxify, release stress and improve the moods. Many parents think that attending dance or yoga class will hamper their child’s study. This is not right. Exercise and brain are lifelong friends. Some rigorous body movements reduce insulin resistance, helps in decreasing inflammation and stimulate the factors of growth in chemicals affecting the brain cells ‘health, new blood vessels and, survival and increase of new brain cells. Moreover, exercise improves sleep.

If your kid is not engaged with any sports academy or dance school, you can consider him/her do the household chores like mopping the floor, stair climbing, running or walking on the ground or swimming in the compound’ pool.

Scientific ways in the embed video:

Students! Get up early. It is tough to answer your alarm clock in the morning every day.  Try to wake up at 6 am. Give your body a boost of green tea, some nuts, do some exercise. Have your breakfast properly. Do not skip it at all. Start studying. Give 3-4 hours to each topic. Take a break of 10 – 30 minutes. If you can’t stretch for 3 or 4 hours, decrease it into 2 hours and take 10 minutes break. Drink water every single hour. Hydrating your body is important. Relax a bit. If you want, you can play with your pet for 5 minutes. They say, “Early bird catches the worm.”

David Beckham has said that his secret is practice. He believes that one has to work consistently to achieve something special.

 Repeat the hard questions. Mimic the exam conditions. Mark your work while trying exam questions.

Plan your study schedule from backward that is from the exam day. Plan which chapters you should review each day till the exam starts. Focus on the contents.

A tricky solution:-

If you do group study, teach or give a lecture on each topic you cover to your friends. If everybody in the group does the similar things, you will get to know how much you have prepared rightly. Find mistakes and loops in your friend’s statements. You can correct each other’s copy by exchanging among yourselves. Ask questions to each other. Teaching is a great way of learning.

Stop waking up late at nights. It will affect your biological clock adversely. Set a particular time limit.

Pomodoro Technique:-

Is it new to you?

It is one of the best ways to maintain productivity and concentration by beating procrastination. It suggests alternating studies. It tells of breaking times -25 and five minutes in a corresponding manner. The 25 minutes dedicates to the productivity. It is famously named after tomato timer that was used by Francesco Cirillo in the year 1990. Watch the embed video:

Stop panicking. If you run like a headless chicken, you will end up in a mess. Be calm and study. If you stuck in between, don’t stress yourself. Make notes so that you can come back to the particular problem.

Talk to your best friend. Your mom and dad can be your best friend, or, your sister and brother, or you have a neighbor who gives you solace every time you meet him or her. If you feel washed out, talk to them. Have a small conversation with your favorite person. It will motivate you, and you will be back on track.

Movies are a great source of winding off. Once in 3-4 days, a good movie can relax your mind. 2-3 hours of break from your studies won’t affect. Never leave anything for the last moment.

Rima Bose

Rima is an ardent writer and an awe-inspiring fitness trainer. She surmises in expressing through her mind that has been penned down in her writings. She has maintained her sportsmanship through regular martial arts and swimming. A beautiful mind and a glowing soul shine eternity as per her stance.

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