Parents must know these exclusive FAQs of Social Media

Parents must know these exclusive FAQs of Social Media

Social Media”- The word that has won the whole world irrespective of age opens its enormous mysterious basket every day with uncountable new items.

Social Media brings the revolution igniting that the people do have voices and they can unite around a common passion through inspirational movements leading to change brought up by the democratization of the ideas and contents.

It offers different ways to search and share about almost everything. Besides, it is the new trend to be in touch with friends and family no matter which part of the world they belong to. We have evolved to a brand new “Media Tech Age” where the socialization is spreading like bonfire through the internet.

The busier life has made it tough for us to balance between work and home. We don’t have the time to be on the field to experience and learn things practically. Rather, social media being the rescuer gives us all the explanations we need while we are on moves.

Parents looking to provide their children the best of everything are heavily dependent on social media.. Daily interactions have started taking place more on social media than face to face mediums. The connections through this network are taking place in both the good and the bad times.

Surveys revealed that parents with children who are under 18 years of age respond to the positive news, posts, answer questions and get online support through the chat box. It covers not only the parenting posts but also the personal and professional matters. Most of the parents agree that they respond to the bad or negative posts too. Mothers usually engage themselves with these social networking supports.

Parents nowadays, view social media as a source of parenting tool and useful information. Many mothers and fathers find value in it. We have heard a few parents who think the media is uncomfortable when any data is shared with their kids by other relatives or caregivers in public on social media.

Some dos and don’ts for you:

The important FAQs of Social Media:-

1. Are our children talking to strangers?

Everything has its cons. What if our kids are chatting with an ill person sitting on the other side? People with evil intentions prey innocent children quickly because they are immature. But, the present day youngsters, especially teens are smarter and tech-savvy than we think. Modern children are more aware of the bad intentions of the non-peer groups and less likely to fall into the trap of the predators. But, children below 15 can be fooled by the online monsters.

Watch: An embed video:

Many teenagers use various strategies for keeping themselves safe and secure in the social media zones. They create multiple accounts for different kinds of sharing. Adolescents are highly conscious about their postings and the viewers. They are manipulating their images and even going to the extent of curating their profiles on Instagram by adding favorite photos. But, parents must always be careful of their online activities to avoid any mishap.

2. Are our kids posting any unethical updates?

Posting of wrong and sex-related information can be the real concern for the parents. Parents should watch whether their children are making healthy choices regarding their posts, chats, and shares via online medium. Globally, the schools are giving importance on the ‘digital citizenship’ in their instructions for helping the pupils make out the necessity of ‘thinking before posting’ so that they can avoid any danger.

For example, articles on proper parenting, sexual abusements, and cyber crimes help in this regard. Even, this particular article is a great example of getting an elaborate idea on cyber-related issues.

3. Am I supposed to know about all the tools that my kids use?

Yes, get a thorough knowledge about YouTube, Snapchat, FaceBook, Twitter, Skype or Instagram. Watch YouTube videos on the basics of their work procedure, what the children are learning about the virtual world.

4. What are the changing aspects of the tools?

The social media tools are dynamic. The constant change led to the exposure of the new tools. It is not possible to predict, manage and operate everything in all the applications.

Just concentrate on:-

A) The provision of the opportunities for the kids to connect, communicate and share.

B) The publicity levels of the protected, private and public postings.

C) How to follow others and who are supporting your child.

D) Provision of the spaces for the private and public messages.

Understand the crucial elements of what the apps do and their similarities. You are welcome to be a fellow learner with your child, and explore the usage procedure of the new tools. Guide the kids if they make mistakes.

5. How will I keep my children safe?

Ask your queries and listen to them with patience. Relate your personal experiences and share the overcoming process with them. Though they belong to the new generation that is technologically much ahead of ours, then also, validation of their social spaces are indispensable.

Watch together:

Questions that you should ask the kids:-

• Who is the person on the opposite side?

• What makes you happy online?

• Why are you excited?

• Can you teach me how to open an account on Facebook?

• How can I add my friends and relatives and see their posts?

• How to use Snapchat?

• How can I be secured?

You may think why your child spends most of the day on social media. But you must not forget that in our time, there was no digital space, and we have to socialize through parties and other celebrations. The present wave has moved towards digitalization, and the children are connecting with friends, meeting new people, sharing events almost every day through the online pathway.

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