The need to secure Indian schools

The need to secure Indian schools

Over the past few years, Indian schools have seen quite a few numbers of breaches and trespassing in their security system. It has now come to the notice of the general public and the government after the murder case of the boy in Ryan International School, Gurgaon. He was brutally murdered by a boy of some other class so that the results might be delayed. Imagine his fear of results, that he killed a person. Such incidents show the flaws and weaknesses of the Indian education and schooling system that are still somehow being overlooked by everyone.

Needless to say that anybody could have done that, because of no security system. This is indeed the need of the hour to secure schools and safeguard children so that no person, not even who belongs to the school can lay a finger on them. To keep these crimes under control, we need to install security measures in various aspects. The following being some of them:

a. Attendance System: This is indeed very crucial in knowing the whereabouts of all the students. Instead of having the attendance once or twice a day, it can be incorporated in every period or once in every two classes. Children might be kidnapped in between classes without anyone’s knowledge. This will make sure that every child is in the class throughout the day.

b. Securing School Buses: It is a very common practice of the kidnappers or the strangers to meet or kidnap the child on bus-stops or by paying some bribe to the driver. There have been many reported cases of the same. A tracking device on every school bus is a must. If the children are secure inside the school and their homes, it is very probable that they might be attacked on the way from school to home or vice-versa.

c. Internal Security: We have seen many incidents of molestation or kidnapping that too by the internal people of the school. In fact, the culprits in most of the cases are the school staff itself – both teaching as well as non-teaching. They have access to children all the time. A security-assessment team of not more than 3-5 people should be set up that checks out nooks and corners of the schools at not-so-expected times. Using cameras and video surveillance is another good option which eradicates the human intervention in the system. But it should be actively monitored by a hired employee otherwise it will not have any effect due to its recording delay.

d. Mainline Security: Schools and parents must ensure that the security guards hired are from a trustworthy agency or not. The security guards should be allotted different buildings too. This will be a helping hand in streamlining the internal security system. Most schools require entrance records before someone other than students is entering the premises. This helps in identification of the unknown people in case of an emergency.

e. Fencing: Most schools place iron fencing with sharp rods to secure the low-walled areas other than the premises. This is done by keeping the strangers out not only from the main gate but also from the places where it is easy for him to hop in. This step can be advanced by placing electrical fencing on the walls so that no one even tries to use the areas other than the main gate to enter the campus.

f. Awareness by Parents: Parents usually teach their children to stay away from strangers and call them if there is an emergency. They also etch the names of the children somewhere inside on the coats or sweaters. This helps in identification if the child gets lost. If parents are alert about their child’s security and teach them enough ways to tackle some unforeseen situation, then no one can trick ever their children.

Taking it a step further, proper sex education should also be imparted by the parents so that children get aware of the situations like molestation and physical discomfort. This can be done by role-playing different situations.

It is the child that cannot take care of himself. We as adults need to properly take care of their security. Let us together take a step towards awareness.


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