Learn the skills for effective note-taking

Learn the skills for effective note-taking

We all take notes during a lecture to get the critical points in our minds. Note taking makes us remember what has been discussed in class about the particular chapter. Many class- sleepers tend to yawn and go into the trance world while the lecturer is going on and on with a marker on the white board and relevant speeches. We pick significant portions from specific books and note them down on our copy to make our futuristic study easy. Even we pen down valid points while watching an audio visual version of our studies. The main thing is to make out the subject matter in a better way.

How does note-taking help us in grabbing our lessons productively?

The undeniable truth lies in the fact that writing down notes marks the information in a useful visionary way. If you can’t remember what you had taken for dinner three weeks before, how can you be sure to remind every words of the class lecture held some days earlier? If you take notes, it will provide you the chance to keep the details and highlighted points gathered that can go off from your memory.

Learn from this embed video about the importance of note-taking: -

Whether you are in school, college or sitting in a seminar, taking notes always helps you to retain more information and boost the productivity.

Keep certain aspects in your mind while writing down important points:-

  • If you are picking points from a book, look for the heading and write it on the top of the page. It will help you to keep track of the chapter even after a long time.

  • Skim the whole chapter before reading in detail. You will get an idea of the outlining of the entire subject matter.

  • Write down all the essential facts that you are going to use in your exam.

  • Avoid writing known things.

  • You can break down the entire text into small parts. Read each section thoroughly and point down the most important factor. In this way, you can process your study successfully.

  • If you are taking notes from history book containing several dates, you can write down the page number while recording so that you can get back to the particular page and read the whole matter later.

  • Never write word-to-word from the text. It’s a waste of time.

Here are few strategies of note-taking: - 

Do you often space out while reading a particular chapter or hearing a long lecture?

If your answer is a ‘yes,' the safest option to be attentive is to take down notes. It will:

  • Improve your focus.

  • Repetition of the lecture in the form of content notes will help you recollect.

  • It helps you to keep your scheme intact.

  • It relieves stress as you know that the important points are right there in your note book.

  • It helps you to create excellent reference stuffs.

  • It helps in group studies. If you miss out something, you can fill the gap from your friend's notes and vice versa.

How do you take notes properly?

1. Cornell Method

Have a clear perception of your study as much as possible. A comprehensive record will make you understand the portion of the survey in a skillful manner. This systematic format is for organizing and condensing notes.

Divide the paper into a couple of columns, which are:- key word column and note-taking column. You leave approximately 5 – 7 lines at the page’s end. In the note-taking column, write the main ideas. Use abbreviations or symbols. Write key words under the other column.

Details in the links: - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornell_Notes

How to do it correctly?

2. The Charting Method

If you are attending a chronological lecture, draw columns and make a table. Put correct headings. You have to govern the categories that you want to cover. Write the types first. Record the words, ideas, phrases under the respective columns while listening to your teacher. You will efficiently keep a track on the conversations where you usually get confused. The method reduces the writing amount. You can easily review, compare and relate to other books.

An example: - https://sites.google.com/site/notetakingandstudyskills/note-taking-methods/charting-method

More clarity in the embed video: -

3. The outline method

This process is beneficial to chemistry or math class because several graphs, formulas, and structures are drawn. Write the points depended on the indentation of space. You should put the most important points to the left side. Then, indent the distinct points to the right. The distance from the left margin indicates the importance level. It accentuates the contents and reduces the editing time. You can review easily afterward.

An example: - https://www.kutztown.edu/about-ku/administrative-offices/academic-enrichment-and-tutoring-services/tutoring/student-study-tool-kits/note-taking/outline-method.html


4. The Mapping Method

Take notes in the form of graphic representation. It makes you participate actively; emphasize your critical thinking as you understand the concepts. You can visually track the whole lecture. You can edit the notes by providing numbers, color coding and marks. You can write the most important points on flash cards and adhere together with the map.

A presentation from Kutztown University: - https://www.kutztown.edu/about-ku/administrative-offices/academic-enrichment-and-tutoring-services/tutoring/student-study-tool-kits/note-taking/mind-mapping-method.html

An embed video: -

5. The Sentence Method

Writing the critical facts, thoughts, and topics in separate lines with numbering organizes your work precisely than a paragraph. You can cover more information and track them later.

Such as- https://lasso.okstate.edu/sites/default/files/Sentence%20Method_1.pdf

Watch: - 

Taking notes will help you grab the lesson in class. You can unburden and return home without worries. Here is how: - Embed video:-

Good note takers always rank well in class. Note taking serve as a major part of business meetings. The accumulation of the facts and integration of the freshly processed materials results in a brilliant representation of knowledge and storage of memory in a scientific way.

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