Know The Right Way Of Communication And Get Success In Life

Know The Right Way Of Communication And Get Success In Life

The modern interactive world seeks for good communication to judge a person. School, college, office, inside, outside, and even home – no matter what place and when it is, effective communication is required everywhere. Communication is the medium to know a person properly.

We communicate with various people throughout the day like friends, parents, guardians, teachers, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, shopkeepers or strangers. If we want success in our business, school, etc. we have to keep our communication skill on the top priority.

We spent most of the day by communicating with other people. Isn’t it?

Once, a nonprofit and independent applied research organization known as “The Conference Board of Canada” advanced the “Employability skills 2000+” listing the core competencies required to prosper in the workplace. Communication skills won the first place.

The constant rise of texting and networking through social media resulted in casualness of communication. This can lead to the lack of knowledge of appropriate communication of the younger generation which in longer terms can destroy their career and personal life. If you notice the great leaders, everybody has a common trait that made them legends – “Communication.”

Oliver Sacks in “Seeing Voices” depicted “We speak not only to tell other people what we think but to say ourselves what we believe. Speech is a part of thought.”


The conversation always glides smoothly just like certain parts of anatomy when it is lubricated.

Art is communication.” – presented by Madeleine L'Engle in “Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art”.

A change in communication can bring a desirable change in our society. Dialogues are essential, and it involves critical thinking. It has both questions and answers. There must be particular intensity and thought quality in communication.

Communication always consists of two parts- sending and receiving. It has various components:-

• The sender sends the messages

• The message indicates the information that needs to be conveyed.

• Communication involves writing, speaking, text, and body language.

• Receiver accepts the message and replies against it.

Do you realize that communication can be non-verbal?

Nonverbal communications surrounds body language, facial expressions, pictures and visual diagrams.

You must know the primary functions of both verbal and nonverbal communication.

a) Motivating or encouraging both the sides - sender and receiver.

b) Control the distinct domains of the relation between the receiver and the sender.

c) The share of information between both.

d) Exchange of particular emotions between both.

Let me present you the tricky techniques of fruitful communication:-

  • Do not try to pretend to be another person. Be original. Be yourself.

  • Be open and give the sender chance to transmit info to you.

  • Be attentive to the dialogues running between you and the other person.

  • Provide clear message without any twist.

  • Give your points of view frankly. Don’t be sarcastic while giving an opinion.

  • Say uncomplicatedly about your wants via conversation. Avoid any hidden desire to control the other person.

  • Don’t be over-emotional. Emotions are natural and necessary for a rewarding communication, but being melodramatic will ruin the essence of thoughts.

  • Give opportunities for criticism and suggestion to the opposite person also.

Little things can bring significant effects in communication:-

Have a look at the short video below.


How can we communicate positively to bring success in our life?

In “The Light in the Heart,” Roy T. Bennett says that listening with curiosity, speaking with honesty, and acting with integrity leads to excellent communication. The biggest problem is that we don’t hear for a good understanding.

1. The person who you are talking matters. If you are speaking to your buddy, you are welcome to use informal language or acronyms. If you are conveying to your boss or any higher authority like teacher or guardian, casualness has no entry in your speak-book. Brilliant communicators always target the audience. Always keep the other fellow in your mind and relay accordingly.

2. Always check your message before sending someone. Check the spelling and grammatical errors. If you are communicating through mobile phone, double checking is a must. The auto dictionary of your phone can reverse some words and completely change the meaning of your typed sentence into something foolish or clueless.

3. Be specific but don’t stretch too much. In the case of both verbal and written communication, a discrete conveyance always makes the other person understand your sentences accurately.

4. Read the full content if you are replying an email. With complete eyeing on the email, you can avoid rambling and unnecessary information.

5. Think before you do something. The same concept works in verbal conversation. Think properly and be careful what you should say to others. Don’t go on speaking without pausing. Words once thrown cannot be taken back.

6. Smile while you are delivering a speech. A smile fills the distance between two hearts. Your positive attitude will reflect through your smile. Give a promising view and get the same in return.

8. Give 100% attention by listening to the speaker. Listen before you talk. The other person must feel that you are attentive towards him or her. It will make him/her feel important. Do not receive any phone call simultaneously while speaking face to face to another human. If any urgent call comes, take permission, then pick up and answer. If, you are in the middle of a group conversation, over the telephone or directly, one individual should talk at a time.

Serving you a unique recipe for a delightful communication:-

Treat everyone equally with love and respect. Follow these suggestions and hone up your communicating skills. If you are missing something from the points mentioned above, apply it and boost the productivity. You can be a leader and inspire mass through a quality and motivational communication.

Rima Bose

Rima is an ardent writer and an awe-inspiring fitness trainer. She surmises in expressing through her mind that has been penned down in her writings. She has maintained her sportsmanship through regular martial arts and swimming. A beautiful mind and a glowing soul shine eternity as per her stance.

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