How can you be a good leader at your school?

How can you be a good leader at your school?

There are a whole lot of ways of being a student leader, such as through academic teams, student government, publications, athletic teams, arts, or even through community service.

If you’re heavily involved in your school, chances are the other students always look up to you. Thus, your odds of becoming a leader improves significantly.

No matter what type of a natural leader you are, the following steps can help you improve on the same. So pay attention as carefully as possible.

1. Know your strengths

Knowing your strengths well will help you choose the area of leadership to focus on.

Do you take pleasure in helping people? If you do, consider joining a volunteer organization for the needy.

Do you also love to write and enjoy working in a team? Then maybe, the school magazine or the tabloid can be a good platform for you to build upon.

Just so you know, all of these activities can make you aware of your strengths and may also contribute handsomely to getting you that leadership position you yearned for at the start.

2. Involve yourself

Run for the student council.

Join a few clubs, teams, organizations; anything you feel can improve your chances of being a leader at your school.

Remember, as far as leadership positions are concerned; you are definitely not limited to the student council. Other options include sports teams, debate teams, language clubs, academic teams, school band, performing arts groups, and publications (newspaper, yearbook, etc.).

3. Gain experience and rise to the top

For every leadership opportunity in your preferred organization, you will have to start from the bottom and rise to the top.

You will have to gain knowledge about the group and know the apt ways by which things are run.

So spend enough time learning things and ways to improve them further in the long run, and you may soon become a person that others in the group look up to.

4. Turn thoughts into action; make a difference

Organize a fundraiser and invite outside organizations, like the ones that help the homeless or the environment, to your school.

Arrange special events to raise public awareness, such as HIV or Cancer awareness. Also, learn what young people usually do on social media to support such causes. All these things are more than capable of making a difference for better or worse.

5. Be a good role model

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Being a respectable leader at your school doesn’t always mean you have to have the perfect grades.

But a positive attitude towards education, classes, and things, in general, can work wonders.

  • So try your best to achieve something of your interest. Teachers can often tell whether you are trying your best or not, and so do your classmates.

    And if they recognize you doing your utmost to achieve something impossible, they are more than certain to look up to you in future for good.

  • Always be respectful to your adults. A good leader is someone who knows the rules like the back of his/her hands. So even if you don’t agree 100% with what your parents and teachers say about you, maintain a pleasant and respectful attitude to them to set an example for others to follow.

  • Be punctual. Come to your school on time and attend all classes on time. Also, don’t forget to submit your homework and projects on time. An agenda or a planner can come in handy for this purpose of yours.

  • Help others with their homework if your teacher’s fine with it. Such pleasantries can go a long way indeed.

  • And finally, be trustworthy. Bring a trustworthy person is one of the fundamental qualities of being a good leader.

6. Practice decent leadership qualities in school

  • Learn writing and public speaking skills. You need to express yourself as clearly as possible during meetings, practices, speeches, etc. so that people are more likely to listen to you when you speak.

  • Distribute jobs evenly among others. Remember, man-management is as important as the work itself.

  • Make good use of the resource you have. Do the maximum with the minimum.

  • And finally, be open-minded and flexible to changes. It does help.


So that more or less sums up our discussion. Hope the tips and tricks mentioned above come in handy for your purpose. Good luck!


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