Have a Tailor-Made Resume and Bag the Dream Job

Have a Tailor-Made Resume and Bag the Dream Job

Have you passed University and looking for a dream job? Many colleges arrange for interviews with esteemed companies. Some of you are coming across job posts in newspapers or online. You might be getting numerous calls from different organizations asking whether you are interested in a particular job.

You will hit the centre stage when you present a diamond-shining resume on the Hr’s desk. Professional curriculum vitae are the shortest and safest pathway to a successful placement. Your CV is the first thing that catches the vision of the potential employer. The first impression always counts. Match it to your desired job.

What exactly does a hiring office look?

The search entirely depends on the type of work. A sale executive’s job requires a candidate who can sell. An engineer’s job needs an engineer. Around 70 % of the large enterprises apply ATS, that is, Applicant Tracking System Software for scanning resumes.

Everyday lakhs of biodatas are going into the dustbin from the recruiter’s table because of unprofessional inaccurate information. The person holding the recruitment department is searching randomly for the best-fitted candidate for the company’s benefit.

How do you show your skills and eligibilities for winning the job?

A smarter way to tailor your resume: -

You must know how the recruiters go through your information in seconds:

Giving you a ‘sample resume’

Source: - https://www.myperfectresume.com/how-to/administration/executive-assistant-resume-sample/

The above image draws a picture of a resume for the post of executive assistant. It must be impressive, flawless, and to the point.

Follow these steps:-

1. Make a list of all your skills

Never ignore your least important skill also line tying a specific knot correctly. Rank your professional skills starting from the vital. Your creative flow must continue in your resume, and the manager must feel the vibe.

2. Keywords are important

Scatter the keywords throughout the resume.

How would you find the exact keywords that will fit the bill?

• Start by searching for few similar offers.

• Highlight the skills.

• Make a detailed list of all.

• Go to the favorable sites and post it

Source: - https://www.sampletemplates.com/resume-templates/executive-assistant-resume.html

3. Give an objective in the beginning

Always clarify your want.

For example Statement –“Seeking the designation of a Customer Care Executive where there is an opportunity for self-development and all my experiences will be utilized in positive ways."

Source: http://www.hloom.com/resumes/medical-assistant-templates/

4. Categorize the skills

Make your resume a priority for the employers by customizing your super skills.

Three types of skills are present:-

  • Job-related skills- It is a mandatory skill. If you are applying for a chef’s position, and the job description asks for dessert maker. If you can’t make desserts, you can apply for the job.

  • Transferable skills- It involves the ability to speak a particular language or know the usage of Microsoft Office.

  • Adaptive skills- The skills you can adopt from the surrounding society like dedication, integration, etc.


5. Educational qualifications are mandatory

No resume is complete without the educational details. Put your last achieved degree in the first place. For example, if you are a graduate, mention the same level on the top under the sub-heading “Educational Qualification.” Then, state your Plus Two Degree, then secondary, and others.

Source: - https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/173499/how-to-set-uniform-font-size-both-in-the-table-and-the-paragraph

If you are struggling hard to get your desired job in spite of dropping numerous resumes in various organization, it may be a result of mismatch between your resume and the job ad:

6. Stick to the fundamentals

Look whether you have covered all the expectations of the employers. If you are a fresher, it’s better to adhere to the basic structure:

• Full name with contact details

• Educational background

• Professional experience if any or fresher

• Skills and abilities

• Hobbies

• Achievements

Source: https://www.jobcluster.com/blog/3-main-types-of-resume-formats/

7. Keep it precise

Shakespeare’s words ring in my mind, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” The viewer may fall asleep if you make your CV a creative biography stating all your delightful experiences from your childhood. Spare the essay details and go easy:

• Your CV should not be too long or too short.

• State clearly

• Be formal

• Don’t exaggerate

• Provide the essential facts compulsorily

• Fresher can give the additional details during the time of interview

8. Never lie

A competent CV beholder can spot your flaw quickly. You may end up in humiliating circumstances. No company hires an employee who lies by giving wrong information.

9. State your hobbies

This section distinguishes you from the rest. Your hobbies reveal the inner personality of yours. Don’t shy away from giving your favorite pastime like playing football, reading motivational books, stamp collection, photography, flute playing, etc. These points may be the landmark for putting you in the organization’s top priority recruitment list because of the exciting and intelligent acts loved by you.

Source: http://invoice-templatez.org/5-good-cv-examples-for-first-job/

10. Attach valid references

Give available references. The companies want to know how people see you as a person.

11. Give extracurricular activities

You were a volley ball player in your school and continued till state level. Mention that point. You are a swimmer at present and regularly practice it and win medals. You must enter them. Never miss your extracurricular activities. It reveals your X factors.

12. An up-to-date CV

Keep it updated. Add all the certificates, career growth, new jobs, accomplishments, new skills, etc. Revise and make it productive.

13. Give your previous work experience

Starting from the present, back calculate up to your first working institution. Mention the years involved.

Look for some best formats of resume:

Powerfully write yours:

Always remember that refined dress helps in impressing others. So, make it sharp, crisp and readable.

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