Going to study abroad - Avoid making mistakes and have a blast

Going to study abroad -  Avoid making mistakes and have a blast

Mr Mishra’s son Dhruv is going to the USA for pursuing higher studies. The father is distributing sweets to every household in his neighbourhood for celebrating it. Studying abroad is a great opportunity that blesses a few lucky students.

The amount of higher opportunities for making a blissful career with decent income urges many youths to move to another country, especially Western states to bag a degree that outdoes the average majority level.

On the other hand, we have encountered many fellows to return home because of the rejection from the foreign university. Whereas, others come back leaving their distinct course halfway. Individual common mistakes made by the students shatter their dream to complete their education in a reputed university situated in another country.

Let us glide towards the following blunders:-

a) Partial documents submission: - Incomplete application forms, depositing limited papers, and wrong information submitted are taken among the most influential reason for the rejection. Failure to attach any document asked by the esteemed university can result in objection.

b) Visa refusal: - Many students don’t provide updated certificates and identity proofs to the Visa issuing department. The government is supposed to check every minute detail about you. Therefore, if any error is found, they will dismiss your Visa straightaway.

c) Non-submission of transcripts: - Many Western universities demand sealed transcripts mandatorily. These are statements printed in details containing student’s semester-wise marks under the institute’s letterhead. The students usually mistake the transcripts for score sheets and face turn downs.

d) I had asked a boy when he got rejected by a particular university. He said, “I thought to pay the full application fee after the confirmation.” You need to pay the entire application fee with the submission of the form. Don’t get confused between application fee and admission fee.

e) Mr Mishra’s younger sister lives in Texas. That doesn’t indicate that Dhruv will get an easy access there just because his aunt is a green card holder. I often hear from college hunks-“I will get 100% admission because my uncle stays there.” Your relative can save your fooding and lodging cost, but your admission in a good college will purely depend on your merit.

f) Once a commerce graduate told me a funny thing- “I will reach any corner of the world out of my country, even Alaska, if the university there is best for MBA.” I got to know later that his desire is to study the MBA abroad in one of the best university. But, this notion is wrong. Neither location, nor just the college’s name proves its academic quality. If the weather is extremely adverse, you may fall severely ill. Enquire about everything before stepping out.

g) One major mistake is to think that education loan will cover everything. We often take loans to send our children abroad for study. It will look after a particular portion of the stay. The travelling, accommodation and other external costs don’t count under the loan. It’s expensive in Japan, United Kingdom, and US etc. in comparison to Germany. Be pragmatic while choosing a university. You don’t want your family to be on the road for your education expenses.

h) Don’t fall prey to any fake agent. Many agencies promise for actual enrollment in foreign university and take lots of money. After some time, they give several excuses for not keeping their words. The Director of Development & Innovation at WES, New York, Rahul Choudaha, also warned against another type of trap like the Tri Valley University and the University of Northern Virginia that took numerous students in unaccredited organizations violating the norms of visa.

i) Don’t go following the perception of the big city names. The thinking that reputed cities will have good colleges or universities than the smaller ones are not right.

Some essential advice: -

What are you going to do to avoid the horrible mistakes and come out with a shining degree from a foreign university?

1. Do budgeting

Consider the amount of money you are going to need to pay rent, eat out, buy groceries, travel, etc. Each has different requirements. Therefore, estimate the expenses thoroughly before leaving.

2. Search for the best suitable study program for you

Arrange the programs considering the providers in the organizations, departments of the universities, directly with the concerned university, etc. Find information from the teachers, web, and guide books. The Institute of International Education and Peterson’s publish study abroad directories that can help you to seek the best.

3. Don’t neglect the business

Be prepared with all your documents like confirmation of studying abroad, entry visa, passport, travel insurance paper, phone number, housing address, contact numbers of friends and families, medical reports, prescriptions, etc. Keep both originals and copies of all of them.

4. Learn the language

If you think that every country allows English as an official language, then you are mistaken. A country like Japan and China strictly follows their mother tongue in education. Therefore, it’s an advantage if you learn their language.

5. Health comes first

Never neglect your health conditions. Eat healthy food, sleep properly, drink adequate water, and, exercise daily. Adjusting to the new climate, food, and goods can take some time. Stay productive and get success.

6. Investigate about the scholarships and financial assistance

Get enough statistics and data of the student loans, scholarships and capitals. You can get aids from both state and federal governments. Discuss with a reputed bank and know about the loans because the rate of interest is different in each bank.

Have lots of fun, focus mainly on studies, don’t bunk the classes, don’t get engaged in crimes, don’t believe every person, explore the place, be flexible and live your life overseas to the fullest. Follow the above suggestions and work accordingly.

Rima Bose

Rima is an ardent writer and an awe-inspiring fitness trainer. She surmises in expressing through her mind that has been penned down in her writings. She has maintained her sportsmanship through regular martial arts and swimming. A beautiful mind and a glowing soul shine eternity as per her stance.

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