Get flawless writing from these awesome Plagiarisms Checking Tools

Get flawless writing from these awesome Plagiarisms Checking Tools

A well defined grammatical and plagiarism free piece of writing is always a welcoming aspect of the writers. If your work stands out of the crowd with zero copy and paste from the rest, you are the Hero of the Writing World.

The dilemma of plagiarism bothers us day and night as the increasing number of it will raise the marks deduction in the school, college or university papers. Business owners and freelance writers must have total control over the content’s originality. If you hire any writer who has the habit of copying materials from other sites, your business rankings and online position will suffer drastically.

Let’s get straight to the meaning of plagiarism:-

Plagiarism indicates imitation of other’s work without providing the credit to the real writer. The actual content owner remains unaware sometimes. It’s a headache for the teachers, students, bloggers and other online writers. Students with copied contents have to pass through certain plagiarism checking tools. Script writers or screenplay writers also face the same test for the detection of duplication.

An embed video for clarifying the above lines:

We can present a plagiarized work both intentionally and unintentionally.

What is intentional plagiarism?

Some people are conscious of stealing other’s content. Cheap freelance writers, desperate blogger, little graders, etc. tend to copy from another piece of writings for saving work, time and brainstorms.

What is unintentional plagiarism?

In some cases, we unintentionally write some sentences that someone else has already published. It also includes quoting someone without providing due credits. Sometimes our styles of writing match with others and give us the essence of duplicate contents. It can happen to anyone due to rising number of websites, blogs, and online services.

An audio-visual tutorial for you:

Piracy of contents is a serious offense. It is mandatory for checking on plagiarized penmanship.

Check out these plagiarism checkers and scan your writings:-

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a household name for the writers. It occupies a full array of checking including proofreading. It can check plagiarism against 8 million (approximately) web pages and corrects about 250 kinds of grammatical errors. Give a few seconds, and it will move its magic wand over your documents to present you a clean and refreshed masterpiece. You can always ignore any option suggested by it if you think the change is unnecessary.

Grammarly has a library full of updated vocabulary that helps you to get rid of word’s echoes. It checks the sentence fragments, unclear antecedents along with spelling mistakes.

I have been using this incredible tool for my writing purpose and fell in love with it. I recommend it to all the students reading this article.

Have a better writing with Grammarly:

2. Copyscape

Dynamite in the field of plagiarism checking is Copyscape. Many times I have heard my boss suggesting my colleagues including me “Be careful of plagiarism. We have to pass through Copyscape.” It takes a few seconds to detect the redundant typing on the websites. Just put the URL of your desired site. You can use the Siteliner that is inbuilt. The excellent tool will immediately let us know how much contents are copied and how much are original. You have the facility to use the banners for scaring the writing burglars. Siteliner scans each page of the website for tracing any copied content and ownership violation.

An introduction of Copyscape:-Embed video-

How to use it?

3) Whitesmoke

It is considered as the best language and online grammar checker tool for the teachers. Containing a robust feature of checking plagiarism it plays as a fierce competitor of Grammarly.

How to use Whitesmoke?

Grammarly Vs Whitesmoke:

4) Turnitin

They say, “No money – No honey”. It goes perfectly with Turnitin. With an annual subscription of around $30,000, it ranked as the most expensive plagiarism tool found on the internet. Turnitin is a reliable name in the academic circles. The dissertations have to go under the strict supervision of this tool. It is a pleasurable time saver for the professors in the matter of picking copied contents.

A clear view in this:

5) Plagscan

This is a paid tool. It doesn’t offer a free trial for presenting you the crux of the plagiarism checking joy. You click the name and the door open to a site requesting you to sign up for an account that is running on a system known as “Plag Points.” Every plag point helps you to analyze a fraction of the relevant document or 100 words together.

Let us move to the pros and cons of these tools:

Sl No






Reliable, accurate, quick results, proper grammar checking, vast vocabulary, detailed correction

Very costly



Accurate, faster results and free

Searches online assemblages only



Checks the writing at any point of time when you use a text box

The ‘Whitesmoke Anywhere Plan’ is not suitable for integration with the software of Microsoft Office.



Compares online academic submissions effectively, precise

Too pricey, requires detailed students’ information



Reliable, clear, free trial, incorporates books and papers of students

Marks the educators, costs are based on per student


While curtaining down the discussion, I would like to say that nothing comes entirely for free. You can try the trial versions but it won’t help you to get the complete refined copy shining with originality. To pay or not depends on you. Choose the right one that is suitable for your requirements. Gather some knowledge from your tutors and the people who have expertise in this segment. Watch the YouTube videos for more information. Be a pro writer and snatch the readers’ eyes with a plagiarism free sparkling piece of composition.

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