Do Not Get Distracted while Studying

Do Not Get Distracted while Studying

The exam is knocking your door, and you are panicking because you are not sure of your preparation. Whenever you sit to study, your mind travels to Face Book or Twitter. You are under immense pressure as your grades are going to decide your future.

Tring Tring! Your phone rings. You got up from your revision work and utter “Hello.” Your best friend starts chatting with you. Time flies. You need to pass with flying colors. It’s hard to get rid of your favorite TV show and your habit of updating status and clicking selfie frequently. You have to overcome any distraction that acts as a blockage to your progress.

Watch what Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has to say about it:

Most of the human beings allow modern technology to control their minds.

A wandering mind can never produce a satisfactory result.  Concentration is the essence of knowledge. Approximately 90% of the thought progress is dissipated by the average humans. Thus, they commit blunders. A trained mind never makes errors.

How to control our mind and gain concentration power to achieve the wisdom of knowledge?

The power of human mind is limitless. The main difference between a man and an animal is concentration power. If you compare between humans, you can see that the degree of concentration is the ultimate secret behind the success. If you want to stay connected to your study, detach yourself from all artificial amusements. Take up one chapter, read, write, think, repeat, memorize and recall. Let every part of your body including brain, nerves, muscles, etc. be drowned into that specific subject matter. Do not think of anything else at all.

For example, we often noticed that when we start reading an interesting story book, we forget about the passing time. When we finish reading it, we get surprised by the end of several hours.

Do you know what the great saints, seers and prophets do?

They live the complete life of humanity in just a single span of life. Concentration deepens the assimilating power. Intellectual understanding topped with clear thinking can make your marks climb the highest ladder.

You must have heard or read that Arjuna, the 3rd Pandava, shot a fish by seeing the reflection of it in the mirror. He did this with his tremendous concentration power.

Students! Don’t get scared by thinking that overcoming distraction is like studying rocket science.

Some simple tricks: -

1.    Turn off the internet

You have got a PC attached to the WiFi. You are lucky to get 24 hours internet facility. Your parents use the internet for their respective works. Though Google provides you the universe of every subject, yet the traditional text books are essential for making you reach the goal. So, it’s better to shift your eye from the computer to the books lying in front of you. Focus and turn the pages with a better grip of each topic you study.

2.    Stay away from mobile phones

This gadget is a devilish radix of distraction. Your energetic soul is sliding towards that ultra stylish smart- phone that gives you all the pleasures. Thus, you are more in love with it than study. Scrolling your screen won’t let you get good marks. Your favorite game and a chatting session can wait. Your exam won’t stop for you. Leave your phone aside while studying. Put it in flight or silent mode. It is better to keep it fully off. If you are studying outside your home, your parents may feel worried about you. So, maintain the sound in 0% for at least the study time.

3.    Study alone

It is always better to study alone in a quiet place away from the noise. Find the corner of your home where you can read will full concentration. It should be away from TV, radio, music system, even your relatives, and parents’ gossip area. If you are fortunate to get personal study room, then utilize it.

4.    Group study

Though hostellers can’t get a single room all for themselves, they can avoid the noisy and chatty friend, and, join the studious ones for exploring. Group studies with bright students will help solve the queries.

5.    No temptations

I know it’s too hard to break up with your favorite sports channel or reality show. The mini photographers and online superstars may not win the greed to upload photos and posts for thousands of likes and comments from virtual friends.

The real world is waiting for your actual study than can bring you the desired future. Stop wasting time on these things during the study, at least before the examination.

6.    Meditate

Meditation and pranayama are great gateways of increasing concentration.

Baba Ramdev has a Yoga solution for it:

Listen to this soothing study music prior reading: 

7.    Remain stress-free

The world is burdened with mountainous worries and stress. Somebody is in a hospital; someone has lost his job, somebody gets consistently rejected from the interview boards, somebody died, somebody is fighting, anyone is failing in exams every year, etc.

Stressing yourself with the restless thinking is going to distract you from the study. It is a mandatory part of life. You cannot avoid its existence. For few hours every day, move your mind away from it. Physical stress can bother you, but, if you are knowledge thirsty, you can shun it for some time. Emotional and mental stress can play with your brains. Give them a hard time by pushing them away.


Finally, get enough sleep. Sound sleep will relax your mind and ban distraction. 8 hours of sleep a day is appropriate for the students. You tend to stay awake late nights watching movies or checking your Facebook profile. Stop now and get to bed early. It says “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Rima Bose

Rima is an ardent writer and an awe-inspiring fitness trainer. She surmises in expressing through her mind that has been penned down in her writings. She has maintained her sportsmanship through regular martial arts and swimming. A beautiful mind and a glowing soul shine eternity as per her stance.

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