Connected Classroom is an amazing way of Learning

Connected Classroom is an amazing way of Learning

Hey! Have you heard of “global connection” or “global collaboration” that is the latest super fantastic trend of today’s world of the 21st century?

The power of standard connection is beneficial for both the students and the teachers. Building a proper classroom community helps the tutors to address the needs of the students that lack in the home environment. The teachers get the opportunity to teach the pupils about responsibility, respect, and positivity.

Isn’t it wonderful if the students and the teachers can connect with the whole world via a common classroom?

We often wonder how to develop a connected classroom for better learning. We can build a favorable classroom community by anticipating the students’ concerns. We welcome our students and fellow teachers from all over the world via social media sites and other online and offline mediums to join the linked classroom to get the international perspectives of education.

Won’t it be beautiful if we internationalize the school’s curriculum?

International connections are the prime part of the validation of the distinctive school or college degrees globally. The cosmopolitan curriculum is evident in all the high profile modules, programmes, and institutes. The range of the on-going practice of education across the world-wide schools and colleges has diversified to the global perspectives. There is no place for limited, western focused or eurocentric teaching method at present.

After a thorough discussion with the educational professionals, I have come up with some intelligently relevant suggestions for setting a connected classroom:-

1. Associate your class

Hello, teachers! If you wish to bring the element of global connection into the existing class, build a public online space for the classroom. A virtual classroom will let you share useful resources, teach different subjects, post various assignments and engage the learners in education even outside the scheduled class times. You will be able to highlight the students’ works. You can link to the students’ sharing via online spaces. You can make videos on the subject topics and bring out the most compelling points.

2. Collaborative partners

It’s not a bombasting thing that you are thinking of right now. Many small ways can help you to explore the connected classroom’s idea without getting overburdened.

Why don’t you begin by investigating some of the existing projects that are seeking for collaborative partners?

Several on-going projects are specially designed as distinctive lessons that can be worked upon as per your perspective of aptness, rather than the projects that are long termed.

3. Collaboration within the school

Start collaborating within your school for building the comfort and confidence on the global projects. Initiate a simple connection with a fellow teacher who teaches the same subject and comment and share each other’s work.

Then, try to do the same in the digital space. Remember, no face to face interaction is allowed. You can go ahead with twitter hashtags or Google Docs. Comment and share the blogs of your colleague. You will be able to see whether you can make certain strategies work within comfortable and safe environments. It can further help you to step forward ultimately.

If you find the suggested process a bit difficult, try the Google search for looking if there is anything more admissible. You can also try something straightforward that is similar to this one with a known faculty.

A must know:-

Exceptional educators have the knowledge that the real world is gradually becoming more interdependent and interconnected. Every human being shares the same planetary challenges like global poverty, economic recession, health epidemics, trade imbalances, terrorism, climate change, violation of human rights, international conflicts, and political instability.

All share the global collaboration chances in the fields of artistic and scientific creations, international cooperation and trade. The mentioned challenges and opportunities contour our lives. The students are becoming more globally competitive with the development of global skills.

4. Know your partner

The enriching, as well as exciting collaborative task, can be daunting. You may have a great idea, but, you may not know where and how to search for a suitable partner. I would advise you to know the person personally before professional alliance.

5. Develop your learning network

If you want to understand the supreme power of global connection for your learners, connect yourself by making your learning network. It will help you to understand the specific tools. You will get a good idea of the learning wisdom’s value, the challenges and the logistics of your students.

6. Social network sites

How do you feel about some window shopping?

The social network zones are one of the profound ways to find tutors with the planned project and looking for collaboration. Do a survey and see how the other projects look for setting realistic expectations.

7. Stress on the geographical aspects

Are you looking for a classroom in a particular city or country?

Explore the international schools’ network via the internet, and you can find the suitable teachers interested in connecting with you. International schools serve your interest of looking for a local school in another country and making contacts with them. Search the various blogs, Twitter contacts, and LinkedIn profiles.

While closing the Pandora’s Box, I would like to remind you to concentrate on the learning and asking yourself about the requirements of the students and whether you can cater to their needs through the collaboration.

Best wishes for your success in forming a well-connected global classroom.

Rima Bose

Rima is an ardent writer and an awe-inspiring fitness trainer. She surmises in expressing through her mind that has been penned down in her writings. She has maintained her sportsmanship through regular martial arts and swimming. A beautiful mind and a glowing soul shine eternity as per her stance.

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