Beware of Preschool Bullying

Beware of Preschool Bullying

Many parents often hear from their toddlers “I hate going to school.” You may have also experienced scratches or bruises on their tiny hands, face or legs. He or she might be screaming, “I will never play with Tom.

The real eye-opener thrashed me when I saw one of my fitness student’s 4-year-old son came with her mom to my class instead of going to preschool one day. I came to know that some of his classmates used to punch, kick and bite him regularly. The little fellow was introvert and couldn't resist the peers.

I asked “What? Bully by 3 or 4-year-old kids? Is it possible?” His mom replied that the incidents are true and she is thinking of complaining to the principal. If not satisfied with the treatment, she would like to change the play/preschool for the boy’s safety.

We think that the innocent faces can’t cause harm to others, especially kids of their age group. Children are usually curious to meet new people and make friends. The naughty under 5s can have evil mischief in their minds.

An embed video that you can enjoy with your little ones:

Children who behave appropriately in the society can have a better opportunity of success in the matter of jobs and relations. Bullying gives a shock to the parents’ heart as soon as their babies start schooling.

Why do little kids bully?

The exact cause is unknown. The researchers have found out certain probable reasons after years of studying:-

•    Lack of boundaries at the house.

•    Kids watch TV most of the time.

•    They play on tablets or computers instead of playing with other children outside.

•    They are not getting attention from the adults.

•    When they wrongdo to their peers, they are not caught as the parents or teachers are not around.

•    They watch their parents fight verbally or physically with each other in front of them.

•    Low self-esteem

•    Lack of security

If your play schoolers have questions about bullying or bullies, show them this embed video:

How do the preschoolers bully other kids?

Preschool bullying is not much different from the grade school. Researchers have monitored that whenever the teacher is away from the class, the nursery kids start jumping on the tables, rolling the chairs, snatching others’ toys and refusing to return, breaking friends’ things and hitting the classmates.

In Montessori, it is a typical scene that little girls are forming a group and leaving others out of it. Boys are bullying other kids physically.

I have experienced few incidents myself. In my martial arts class, the 4-5 years old karatekas intentionally kick their fellow students whenever Sensei moves his eyes off them. Once, a small kid had torn other’s dress because the later accidentally pushed the former while practicing Kata. In this case, we can say aggression and anger are intimately related to bullying.

Watch Cabear and the bullies in the embed video:

Children don’t have the proper vocabulary to explain neatly about bullying. They exhibit certain signs that you have to understand.

•    Is your child is getting scared of little things?

•    Is he/she started wetting his/her bed daily?

•    Are they less reactive to you?

•    Are they returning home with red eyes, bruises, scratches, and cuts?

Take action immediately.

Providing some ways:-

1.    Read anti-bullying story books to them- Kids love bed time stories. Pick a book narrated bullying and anti-bullying aspects. Make them understand that bullying other is mean. Tell them the ways to get rid of the bully. Have a gentle chat.


2.    Give them space- Preschoolers need space and time to make proper sense of certain things. They are immature beings who may not know the negative aspects of bullying. Be patient and let them understand that causing harm to others is wrong. Tell them to speak out and protest, and immediately reveals to you about the notorious incident so that you can help them.


3.    Give them the secured feel- Assure them that telling about the mishaps to you is safe and they can get necessary measures from you.


4.    Note down the incidents- If the happenings are at regular intervals, talk to the teachers about it.


5.    Schools must have an anti-bullying policy- You can claim the system if you think that the staffs are taking least interest in following it. You can rightfully complain to the principal or Board of Directors.


6.    Build confidence in your kid- It is a long term goal. Show them that you love them a lot. Value their feelings. Listen to them. Give them small responsibilities. Tell them to make choices in particular aspects like choosing clothes, toys, rides, etc. It will grow their self-esteem as they will feel important and can brush off the bullies.

An embed video for more clarity:

Bully- proof your little kids

Train them how to maintain eye contacts and stall tall against the little monsters. Tell them not to be alone. Empower them by role playing for making them practice protesting against the bully. Help him make friends outside the preschool. Get them admit in confidence-boosting activities. Talk to the Montessori head for a change of classroom if the bully is going overboard.

Presenting an anti-bulling song for your kids: - Embed video-

Thank you.

Rima Bose

Rima is an ardent writer and an awe-inspiring fitness trainer. She surmises in expressing through her mind that has been penned down in her writings. She has maintained her sportsmanship through regular martial arts and swimming. A beautiful mind and a glowing soul shine eternity as per her stance.

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