Benefits of After-School Activities for Children

Benefits of After-School Activities for Children

The curriculum of the everyday school is only enough to satisfy the academic excellence of a child. There are classes for all the theoretical subjects including Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Languages. There are no practical classes for any of these or other subjects.

According to a study, the out-of-the-box thinking capability was recorded to be 98% of the total children when they were 3-5 years old. And these children when became 25 years old adults, their thinking capability came down to 2% of the total people recorded. Imagine such dip in creativity, all because of theory and no practicality.

The importance of activities over studies is pretty clear. Let us talk about some of the benefits of after-school activities that would help children grow in their life:

1. More exposure to variety: When children attend these exercises, they get the ability to judge themselves and others better through an active eye and not a passive outlook as most adults do. The result of which would be open-mindedness and the ability to live without any social norms.
Often artists and writers favor different activities over book-learning. Children also get to know a world other than mechanical classroom learning, which is the stage of real learning.

2. Better interaction with fellow mates: As said by George Clooney, “Life’s better with the company” in the movie Up In The Air. This quote holds for adults as well as children. Studies show that students who have participated more in extra-curricular activities provide a sense of comfort to their friends.
This quality makes easier for them to make friends than those who are glued to their desks the whole day. Also, these people get a better understanding of the things going on in life rather than the latter. This amounts to the overall development of both their body and minds.

3. Better physique: It is the most obvious benefit of these after-school activities. Children of age groups 3-10 years old require the most amount of physical activities than any other age groups. It is, therefore, necessary to acknowledge this fact both by the parents and the teachers so that children can develop their bodies to the best.

“A sound mind in a sound body” or “All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy” are truly apt sayings in this context. Sports activities are very important to create a balance between sound mind and sound body. It should be necessary for all schools that a student opts for at least one sport.

4. Socially Active: Another added advantage of these activities is that they remove all inhibitions inside a child so they can act freely whenever in any social gathering or situation. They will be well-known to themselves, and so nothing said by others would hurt their confidence, and they will have an evergreen energy.

5. Exploration of careers: The mechanical ways of learning has cut down many career options from the lives of students. If this kind of learning is incorporated at a kid’s level then only we can see broad approach to career choices. Whether it is oratory, sports, music or drama, if it is not known to a child, then it also will not be known to his grown-up side. This can lead to the breakdown of social norms, which have no sense. Parents encourage (sometimes force) their children to take up engineering or medical fields, though most of the students don’t like or get what they are doing. This is one of those great social norms that will be driven out in the long term through the incorporation of after-school activities.

The above benefits make it pretty clear of the pros of after-school activities. It is a strong recommendation to all the parents and students that these should be made compulsory for all students as they also instill a sense of discipline and maturity in the children. It will open their vistas of the mind to higher and newer purposes. This is the only age when they can discover new doings in life, so let the kids grow.


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