Amaze Everybody With Your Mind Blowing Killer Essay

Amaze Everybody With Your Mind Blowing Killer Essay

You have almost prepared for the exam. Just a few things left like essay or story writing. Today’s discussion is about essay writing. It occupies lengthy marks out of the whole question paper. So, a killer piece written by you will snatch the examiner’s attraction, and his pen will automatically provide you with adequate numbers.

Your classmates are going to get the same essay in the exam. Being the higher echelon of the class, you must want to stand out with your extraordinary writing skills. Most of the students learn the same literature and end up writing similar essays. It bores the paper checker, and he/she may give poor marks.

How to write an original and out of the box essay to achieve the golden grade?

You can rock with a 5-layered essay:-

Let’s make it easier to understand:-

Your refined essay will cover these aspects mandatorily:-

  • Organize your work by analyzing in details with determining the purposes of the topic. Plan step-by-step.

  • Creation of an outline is a must. Map out before the actual writing to avoid getting distraction from the central theme. Divide your essay into several sections. Each paragraph must consist of different ideas related to the main concept. You need to figure out an exceptional contour, and then proceed further.

  • Your unique writing style is your plus point. Never try to copy others. Your aim should be engaging the reader till the end line of the monograph. Be convincing. Usage of active voice rules the essay writing domain. Short use of passive voice is okay.

  • The teacher is checking many copies containing the same essay topic. He/she must not feel bored to read yours. Play with your English or the language in which you write.

  • No repetitions, please. Diversification of the vocabulary with sharp words is the X factor+ of your writing. Always revise your work.

  • Brainstorm for finding the best thoughts for supporting the talking point. Include practical arguments with the right knowledge. It helps if you string different notes about various aspects related to the leitmotif in the introductory paragraph. It will set the tunes for the further items and inspire the auditor.


Your example should be relevant to your particular topic.

You should shun certain features:-

  • Never use contractions and abbreviations. The beginning of the introduction should not contain any casual language like ‘yes,' ‘no,' ‘sure,' ‘well.'

  • Using of colloquial slangs can turn your uprising essay downwards in case of marking. You must understand that there is a huge difference between an academic paper and a message send to your dear friend.

  • Avoid long sentences and unclear antecedents.

  • Try to avoid exclamation marks. It’s better to stay neutral. If you are addressing someone or commanding someone, it’s okay. In purely academic essays, exclamation marks do not fetch marks.

At the end of writing, do:

  • Thorough revisions

  • Check spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Change the repetition.

How do you step into the limelight and be the star essay writer?”

If you get options for choosing a topic of your own choice, you are lucky.

  1. Obscure topic- Choose something that nobody has thought of earlier. For example, if you get to write about fitness, instead of selecting a common topic like “How to get fit?” you can select “How to do exercise with a football and get the body everybody craves?”

  2. Read unknown scholarships that your competitors didn’t. The unfamiliar theories can give you the extra edge. Google it, sit in the libraries, investigate the book market, make notes of the critical points and include them in your essay.

  3. Footnotes are valid places to look for additional information. State the author and the publication title at the bibliography.

  4. In the case of English literature, you have the freedom of comparing your texts with other relevant books or authors. For example, if you are writing about RK Narayan’s work, you can compare and contrast it with Chetan Bhagat’s works.

  5. The first impression always matters. An excellent, neat and clean, presentationwith illustrations, charts, tables, etc. can make the readers take an interest in your composition.

  6. An analogy will be a go getter. The parallelism of your argument with other relevant cases will bring twists in your paper. For example- If you are writing on evolutionary dance moves, you can compare it with birds. “Dancing can be an independent outburst of inner-feelings as if a mesmerizing white dove flying freely in the blue sky.”


Give your personal opinion to make it look more original. Doing something unusual with little extra endeavors will reward you with first-rate scores. 

Rima Bose

Rima is an ardent writer and an awe-inspiring fitness trainer. She surmises in expressing through her mind that has been penned down in her writings. She has maintained her sportsmanship through regular martial arts and swimming. A beautiful mind and a glowing soul shine eternity as per her stance.

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