7 Ways to deal with bullies in Schools

7 Ways to deal with bullies in Schools

Teasing and bullying are similar to one another but one of the key differences between them lies in the intention. Teasing turns into bullying when it becomes repetitive with the conscious intention of harming the other child.

Bullying has lately become one of the most significant problems in schools. According to the FBI, the number of bullying incidents in schools has also increased steadily since 1999. Hence, this is a problem you cannot ignore by any possible means.

Now, in this article, we have come up with a few feasible ways by which bullies can be dealt with efficiently in schools and colleges. Let’s take a closer look at them all without any further ado.

1. Tell your parents

If you are regularly facing bullying incidents in your school, it’s vital that you inform your parents (or your guardian) about it.


  • Tell the entire story. Do not hide anything. Remember, your parents are there to help. They can quickly get in touch with the school to put a stop to the entire incident.

  • You should also consider maintaining a daily diary if you feel too uncomfortable to explain bullying incidents to your parents.

2. Tell your teachers

Report bullying incidents to your teacher, principal, or to any member of the school management. These individuals have the power to intervene and stop bullying for once and all.


  • Teachers are particularly important for you to turn to in bullying-related incidents. They can provide additional protection to you by letting you stay in classrooms during recess and by setting up a buddy system on your behalf.

  • It is crucial for you to let the school know about these incidents because there can be other children as well who are bullied by the same person.

3. DO NOT be afraid to speak up

Bullying is not a trivial matter.

It is plain and simple wrong, and it would definitely help if the victim speaks to an adult who can actually intervene and bring the incident to a stop for good.

Remember, you cannot tackle bullying all by yourself. No one can. Getting help is the right way to keeping these problems at bay in the best possible manner.

4. Wherever possible, avoid the bully

Try not to give the person an opportunity to bully you on your way to/from school by preventing run-ins in between.

  • Think ahead and determine the places where you usually run into the bully. Avoid these places.

  • Take a different route to/from your school. Also, try different routes within the school itself to prevent awkward run-ins.

  • Do not ever skip classes or go into hiding to prevent yourself from the bully. Remember, you have the right to be in school, and no one can take that away from you.

5. Keep your composure and stand tall

Sometimes just acting brave can be enough to stop the bully from intimidating you. So make a stand against him/her and see what happens. You may very well be in luck.


  • By making a stand and holding your head high, you send a very direct message that you are not somebody to be trifled with.

  • Making a stand to a bully can also do your self-confidence a whole lot of good in the long run. So do not hesitate to try this out especially when you feel things are getting out of your control.

6. Try to ignore the bully even if s/he says something unpleasant to you

Bullies always strive to look for a reaction to their teasing. Try not to give them that pleasure.

Ignoring them can be your best bet to putting them at bay. Pretend you cannot hear them and try to leave the situation immediately. Small things like that can make all the differences in the world for good.

7. Use your buddy system to your advantage

If you are trying hard to deal with your bully trouble, remember, two people are always better than one.

Hence, we will advise you to walk with your friends or a group to your school. You may also hang out with them during recess. By surrounding yourself with friends, you can manage to keep your bully trouble at bay in the best possible manner.

Do recognize the fact that it is not your fault that you are getting bullied. Like everybody else, you too have the right to feel safe and be in school.

We hope the bully prevention tips and tricks mentioned above come in helpful for your purpose. Stay blessed; stay safe.


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