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Question: A vessel contain 60 litre of milk, 6 litre of milk is taken out and 6 litre of water is added to the vessel. Again 6 litre of milk is taken out and 6 litre of water is added to the vessel. What is the ratio of milk and water in the resulting mixture in the vessel.

Posted by: Bikas S. on 04.12.2020

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The ratio of milk to water is 4:1 Initially 60 litres of milk Take away 6 litres =54 litres Take away 6 litres = 48 litres Now 6+6 litres of water is added=12 Therefore 48:12 4:1

If a mixture having x unit of liquid and if y unit of liquid is taken out and filled with y unit of another liquid.Than after n iteration [x(1-y/x)^n] unit of original liquid will remain.

x = 60

y = 6

n = 2

Milk = 60[(1-6/60)^2] = 48.6 litre

Water = 60 -48.6 = 1.4 litre


बर्तन में दूध = 60 लीटर 6 लीटर दूध निकाला जाता है और 6 लीटर पानी डाला जाता है इसका मतलब है 10 प्रतिशत दूध निकाला जाता है तो मिश्रण में 54 लीटर दूध + 6 लीटर पानी होता है फिर से 6 लीटर दूध निकाला जाता है और 6 लीटर पानी डाला जाता है अतः 6 लीटर दूध में 5.4 लीटर दूध + 0.6 लीटर पानी होता है क्योंकि यह एक मिश्रण है इसलिए कुल 11.4 लीटर(6 + 5.4 )दूध निकाला जाता है तो परिणाम स्वरूप मिश्रण में 48.6 लीटर दूध 11.4 लीटर पानी होता है तो दूध और पानी का अनुपात 48.6 : 11.4 मतलब 81:19



Suppose a container contains M units of Mixture of ' X ' and ' Y '  from this , R unit of  mixture is drawn off and  replaced by an equal  amount of  ingradient Y only. The  process is repeated ' n ' times , then after ' n ' repetetions.

( Amount of X left ) / (Amount of X originally present )

= ( 1 - R / M )^n

According to the problem given,   M = 60 liters, R = 6 liters,  n = 2 times

( Amount of milk left )/60 = ( 1 - 6/60)²

Amount of milk left = 60×(1 - 1/10)²

= 60× ( 9/10)²   = 60 × 9/10 × 9/10  = 48.6 liters

Amount of water = 60 - 48.6  = 11.4 liters

Ratio = 48.6 : 11.4,   =   486 : 114  Divide it with 6,    = ( 486 / 6 ) : ( 114 / 6)= 81 : 19


After 1st replacement, in 60 L mixture, milk = 54 L, water = 6 L.

So, 6 L of 1st mixture contains 5.4 L of milk and 0.5 L of water.

So after 2nd replacement, milk = (54 - 5.4) L = 48.6 L , water = (6 - 0.6 + 6) L = 11.4 L .

Hence, the final ratio of milk and water in the resulting mixture = 48.6:11.4 = 81:19   .    (Ans)


When milk is taken out and added for the first time:

Amount of milk = 54 l 

Amount of water = 6l

Now it is a mixture of milk and water .in the ratio of 9:1

So Six litres of mixture will contain 6*0.9 = 5.4 l of milk and 6*0.1=0.6 litres of water .

So total milk taken out = 6+5.4 = 11.4 

Amount of water = 6+6-0.6 = 11.4

Ratio of mixxture = 48.6 : 11.4 = 81:19


Milk in the vessel =60 litre

6 litre of milk Is taken out and 6 litre of water is added 

I. E.  10% of milk is taken out .

So the mixture contains 54 litre of milk +6 litre of water. 

Then, 6 litre of milk is taken out and 6 litre of water is added.

Actually  6 litre of milk contains 5.4 litre milk +0.6 litre of water as it is a mixture. 

Total 11.4 litre (6+5.4) of milk is taken out .

The resulting mixture contains 48.6 litre milk +11.4 Litre of water 

So the ratio of milk and water is 48.6:11.4

In this problem replacement of water is twice. Initial ratio is 0.9 Hence final ratio is 0.9*0.9=0.81 Available milk 60*0.81=48.4 Available water. 60-48.6=11.4

Vessel contain 60 ltr

Case 1  : After taking out 6 ltr milk and adding 6 ltr water 

                     Milk 54 Ltr    water 6 ltr

Case 2 : after taking out 6 ltr milk and adding 6 ltr water

                  Mixer after first case contain 60 ltr milk and when you take out 6 ltr that contain

                 54/(54+6)*6  = 5.4 ltr milk   and

                 6/(54+6)*6   =  0.6 ltr water

Case 3:    After taking 6 ltr milk and adding 6 ltr water

           Milk  54-5.4  =48.4

     Water  6-0.6+6  =  11.4

So the ratio of milk to water is 


48.6 : 11.4


Initial quantity of milk-60l Milk taken out first time=6l Water added=6l Now milk taken second time=6l Water added second time=6l Total milk taken out =6+6=12l Total pure milk left=48l Total water added=12l Ratio of milk is water = 48:12 = 4:1

Milk in the vessel  = 60 litre .

6 litre of milk is taken out and 6 litre of water is added. 

This means, 10% of milk is taken out. 

So,  the mixture contains 54 litre of milk + 6 litre of  water. 

Again,  6 litre of milk is taken out and  6 litre of water is added. 

Actually,  6 litre of milk contains 5.4 litre milk  + 0.6 litre of water  as it is a mixture. 

Therefore,  total  11.4 litre  ( 6 + 5.4 ) of milk is taken out. 

So,  the resulting mixture contains 48.6 litre milk  + 11.4 litre of water. 

So,  ratio of milk and water =    48.6  :   11.4 







Initially the quantity of pure milk  = 60 litres

Water    quantity                        =   0 litres


Total liquid                                   60 litres

Afterwards pure milk of 6 litres is removed from the vessel and 6 litres of water is added.

Now pure milk in the vessel               =   54 litres

Water in the vessel                          =      6 litres


total quantity of liquid                       =     60 litres

The ratio of pure milk to water        =   54:6=   9:1

Now again 6 litres of milk is removed.

This 6 litres of milk contains pure milk =   (9/10)*6=  5.4 Litres and 0.6 litres of water

Therfore pure milk in the vessel after the above will be 54.0 - 5.4 =           48.6 litres

Water content                                                           =  6-0.6=                5.4 litres

Now water added(after removal of milk as above = 6 litre

Total water content                                 =     5.4+6    = 11.4 litres

Therefore   final ratio of Pure milk to water=   48.6:11.4  =  81:19  

Total milk in the vessel  =  48.6+11.4      =  60 litres

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