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Video Lessons for Geography

  • Trigonometry Part 53 (3) Class 10

    Trigonometry part 53 (iii) class 10 a person standing on the bank of a river observes that the angle of elevation of the top of a tree standing on the opposite bank 60°. when he moves 40 m away from the bank he finds the angles of elevation to be 30° . finds the height of the tree width of the river. ( √3 = 1.73) all boards -aapkatutor
    Geography, Mathematics
  • Kolkata- The City of Joy

    About kolkata
  • Understanding GPS

    What gps really is and how does it work ?
  • Important vocabulary for various exams

    This is video of english vocabulary learning in a very easy and life time memorable methods i.e. image mapping method.
    Art & Craft Designing, AutoCAD Training, C, C++, CAT Exam, Digital Marketing, Economics, Electrical, Electronics, Embedded Systems, English, Geography, GMAT, GRE, IBPS, IIT JEE Mains, Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO), Information Technology and Strategic Management, Management Subjects, Mathematics, MBA, Mechanical, MS Office, Physics, Public Administration, Public Speaking, Spoken English

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