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Video Lessons for Basic Computer

  • What is a polygon

    Concave polygon - each interior angle is less than 180 degrees. convex polygon - at least one interior angle measure is greater than 180 degrees types of polygons - depending on no. of sides diagonal - a line joining the non-adjacent vertices of a polygon
    Basic Computer, Mathematics, MS Office
  • Introduction to Operating System

    Introduction to operating system in hindi.
    Basic Computer, Computer Science
  • Roots of Quadratic equations

    How to calculate roots of quadratics equation by very short tricks
    Accountancy, Accounts, Aeronautical, AIEEE, Banking & Finance, Basic Computer, C, C++, Commerce Subjects, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics, GMAT, GRE, IBPS, IIT JEE Mains, Management Subjects, Mathematics, MBA, Mechanical, Mental Mathematics, School level computer, Statistics
  • Partial Differentiation: Eulers Theorem 1

    This video talks about the euler's theorem which is one of the very much helpful tool in solving the partial differential equations.
    Basic Computer, Mathematics, Physics

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