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  • Microencapsulation for B.Pharm students

    Microencapsulation means packaging an active ingredient inside a capsule ranging in size from one micron to several from its surrounding environment until an appropriate time. then, the material escapes through the capsule wall by various means, including rupture, dissolution, melting or diffusion. microencapsulation is both an art and a science.
    MBBS Tuition, Pharma Training, Physiology
  • Anaemia- Classification, types, causes, pathophysiology, etiology

    This presentation explains about classification, symptoms and pathophysiology of anemia.
    Biology, MBBS Tuition, Physiology
  • Barrier Methods and Cross Infection Control

    This presentation explains in detail and illustrative manner about the importance of sterilization in a clinical setting and the methods of infection control. it is imperative for every individual to be aware of all these aspects of health care.
    MBBS Tuition
  • Allelopathy of Plants

    Allelopathy is defined as the science that studies processes , in which secondary metabolites from plants and microorganisms are involved, affecting growth and development of biological system.(rice1984) traditionally ,allelopathic studies were focused on evaluation of phytotoxic activity of plant residue or crude extracts(wetson1996). it usually refers to the beneficial and harmful effects of one plant on another plant, both crop and weed species by the release of chemicals from plant parts. the term allelopathy was first used by austrian scientists hans molisch in 1937.
    MBBS Tuition
  • Fear-Types-Strategies to reduce fear

    How to over come fear 1. self awareness 2 trust your abilities 3. identify your right goal 4. identify your right program me and use appropriate potential 5. shareing and caring
    MBBS Tuition
  • PAIR Production

    It is a topic for post graduate.
    MBBS Tuition
  • Asphyxial death

    Introduction types causes mechanism strangulation hanging smothering drowning choking crush
    MBBS Tuition
  • Biomedical waste management

    Its about how to manage the waste generated during treatment,cure,experiment of humans n animals
    MBBS Tuition
  • Neuro lingiuistic programming

    Hi. i am a.anil kumar., coming to nlp(neuro linguistic programming) this is highly important presentation how our though process register goals. this is the presentation explains about your personality and behavior patterns. this presentation suggested for students those who are preparing for competitive exams. the detail explanation of goal setting explained in this presentation. further details mail me.
    MBBS Tuition

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