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Flow Visualisation

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Introduction to Aeronautics flow visualization is an experimental means of examining the flow pattern around a body or over its surface and flow visualisation techniques

  • 1
    Flow visualization And Methods of flow visualization
  • 2
    Flow Visualisation Q What is flow visualization? flow visualization is an experimental means of examining the flow pattern around a body or over its surface. Q What is need of examining flow pattern? Flow pattern determines effect of air over body.
  • 3
    Methods of flow visualization Gas flows — Smoke visualization — Particle Liquid flows — Dye — Particles — Bubbles — Fluorescence, phosphorescence
  • 4
    Some gas flow visualization images Smoke visualization Top- flow past airfoil Side- laminar smoke je
  • 5
    uonez!Iens!A 9Åp— M0198 uonez!lens!/ 913!V2d— 9P!S 胆 異 Ⅳ 」 9AO MOB SMOIJ P!nb!l
  • 6
    Measurement in Flows Velocity — Conventional methods Pitot tubes Hotwire anemometers — Local steady state measurements Orifice Meter — Non intrusive methods Laser Doppler Velocimetry Particle Image Velocimetry Particle Tracking Velocimetry
  • 7
    Orifice meter for velocity in pipes Streamlines Statt taps (several, equally spaced circu mfere nce) Stagnation point Pitot Static tube Differential manometer Pressure Datum Courtesy of Superior Products, Inc. www.orificeplates.com 1 mm (.50) Hot Film mm (.28) Hot W're 3B mm (1,501 3 2 mm (,125) Dia Differential pressure Differential gressure 6 mm (18) [Ja. Hot wire Anemometer
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    — Pressure — Pressure anauø transducers Sensitive Paints M 2.0, 140 Pressure Sensitive Paint saves money by saving time. Pioneer Rocketplane IXI SWT M = 2.0, AOA = oo
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    •Temperature —Thermistor probes — Change in resistance with temperature
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