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Applications Of Renewable Energy Sources

Published in: Physics
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Renewable energy sources have a wide range of applications in the present world scenario. These have been pointed out along with contrast on their challenges.

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    Challenges and applications of fuel cells Presented by: C.S.S Kashyap-221 081 2309
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    What is a fuel cell? Fuel In A fuel cell is an electrochemical device, which converts chemical energy of a fuel into electricity by combining hydrogen with air in the absence of combustion. Excess Fuel and Water Electric Current o Air In 2 o H 20 Anode 02 Unused Gases Out Cathode Electrolyte
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    Challenges of different fuel cells Alkaline fuel cell: Suffer from the problem of liquid electrolyte management and electrolyte degradation. Molten carbon fuel cell: High operating temperatures prevent rapid start up and sealing remains an issue. Solid oxide fuel cell: Slow start-up and interfacial thermal conductivity mismatches are an issue Another common challenge of all these fuel cells is their high cost. Polymer electrolyte fuel cell: Difficult to maintain it higher temperatures (>1 00 deg. Centigrade) Poor kinetics of oxygen reduction reaction in acidic media Durability
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    Applications Transport: Portable: Stationary: I .Material handling vehicles 3.Busses,trams, ferries, small boats 5.UAVs and UUVs 1 .Millitary applications 3.Small electronics 5. Toys,education kits etc. 1 .Combined heat and power 3.Primary power sources 2.LDV 4. Manned light aircraft 2.APUs 4.1arge 2.UPS Fuel cell Spare fuel cartridges -u BC Transit Night vision goggles Communications equipment Watet 01 Fuel cell Spare fuel cartridges GPS unit personal electronics
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    Fuel cells in india 2. 3. 4. 2. 3. 4. Ongoing Projects in Fuel Cells: Polymer modified metal matrix nano-composites catalyst : Performance screening in alkaline medium (IIEST, Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal). Development of bioelectrodes for Biofuel Cell (11T Guwahati). Titania nanotubes as an alternative catalyst support for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (11T Madras). Development of Platinum free hybrid electro-catalyst based on nano-structured metal particles and grapheme for fuel cell applications (IMMT, Bhubaneswar). Achievements: Indigenous base for research & industrial production being established A Fuel Cell (PEMFC)-battery hybrid van has been developed in the country and has undergone field performance evaluation. 3 kW capacity UPS based on PEMFC developed. Reformer for a 10 kW PEMFC system developed and tested
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    Refferences https: / /web.anl.gov/ PCS/ asfuel / preprint%20archive / OYork_ 10-03_0716. pdf http://www.fuelcelltoday.com/applications/ http://energy.gov/eere/fuelcells/ http://mnre.gov.in/related-linl


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