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piezoelectric is very important material in near by future.

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    Radha Raman Institute of Technology & Science, S g n.op•9U/ Of mo.-joy Submitted By : Abhishek (03) Amrendra (06) Mukesh (59) Neeraj (60) project Guided By : Dr. Rajeev Varshany
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    Objective of Project To perform exergy analysis of various thermal System
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    Why This Project ? The overall plant efficiency is about 60 010. The analysis shows that the exergy efficiency is low at each components of power plant. • The major loss occur in power plant are Boiler, Turbine and Heat Exchangers.
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    BOILER Heat can be lost from boilers by a variety of methods : Hot flue gas losses Radiation losses In the case of steam boilers, blow-down losses etc.
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    TURBINE Admission losses Leakage losses Friction losses Exhaust loss Radiation and convection losses Losses due to moisture
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    CONDENSER Condensers have big heat flows, but as temperatures not much above ambient, so exergy losses there are about 3%. out purnp srnoke alternator friction condensor Lost Energy Useful Energy
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    FLUE GASES All the heat produced by the burning fuel cannot be transferred to water or steam in the boiler. As the temperature of the flue gas leaving a boiler typically ranges from 150 to 250 C, about10—30% of the heat energy is lost through it.
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    Cencresäøn Exergy Efficiency of power plant :- Boiler = Turbine = Condenser = 11% Condenser Pump = 86% Low Pressure Heater = 87% Deaerator = 67% Boiler feed Pump = 95% Economizer = 73% Air Pre Heater = 71 0/0
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    REMARKS we know that energy is already conserved. What is not conserved is exergy, which is the useful work potential of the energy. Once the exergy is wasted, it can never be recovered. The exergy for a system may be determined by considering how much of this heat transfer is converted to work entirely.
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    Methodology The exergy analysis of the thermal power plant has been performed using the simulation software "Cycle —Tempo' It is developed with a primary aim of calculating the size of the relevant mass and energy flow in the System. Fully object-oriented ,the cycle-tempo user interface operates under MS-WINDOWS. 10
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    Salient point of exergy analysis It is a primary tool in best addressing the impact of energy resource utilization on the environment. It is an effective method using the conservation of mass and conservation of energy principles together with the second law of thermodynamics for the design and analysis of energy systems. It enables the locations, types, and true magnitudes of wastes and losses to be determined. It is an efficient technique revealing whether or not and by how much it is possible to design more efficient energy systems. It is a key component in obtaining a sustainable development.
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    The exergy analysis of the power plant identifies : Areas where most of the useful energy is lost . It shows that the boiler and turbine of a power generation plant is the major source of useful energy lost. In order to achieve significant improvement of energy efficiency the boiler and turbine systems need to be altered, which require further techno-economic study. Even though loss in condenser is more the Quality of energy obtained is not bad, hence we have to concentrate on boiler and turbine to increase the efficiency of the plant.
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    ÄPlugs liÅlates for Power Oint
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