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Circles terminology

  • 1
    ミ 0 ミ ミ 、 ミ ミ 辷 一 D AHIAVNIO D
  • 2
    Radius orRadiVfornlural) e segment J01mng thecentenora circleto O ' Example: OA
  • 3
    Diamete c or t at passes through thecenterof a l. , Example: AB
  • 4
    c A segment J ommg two circl Example.
  • 5
    A segment J ommg two circl Example.
  • 6
    Ime t at Intersects theæircleaeexactl ' Example: AB
  • 7
    c Ime t at Intersects theæircleaeexactl ' Example: AB
  • 8
    Xhne that Intersects a circleaeexactlyon ' Example: AB
  • 9
    Central*a ' n ang e w ose vertex is aethecentenora l. ' Example: An leABC c
  • 10
    ' An ang e whose vertex ison æcircleand determined b two hords. xample:
  • 11
    figureconsistingof wo pom s on a circle and all the points on onnectthenvb smg e pat arc AB ' Examp e:
  • 12
    An arct at les In the interionoraninscribed l. ' Example: arc AC
  • 13
    Ifangle IS Insi e t e circl Example.—arcÂC C
  • 14
    TwoAnterceptedA Ifangle IS outsi ethe circl Example.—arcD
  • 15
    InvestigatingMeasures of Angles Related to a Circle ' Clickon GSP 4.0Con tlwdeskto ' Follow the instructions on the handout.
  • 16
    This ower oint was kindl donated to www.worldofteachin .c ttp://www.worldofteachi ngconviehomewove housand powerpoints submitted by


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