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Circles definition,formulas and diagram

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    の / 05 CENTRE : 0 の / 0
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    o In a plane, each point gfthe circle is at equal distance_from a_fixedpoint, The_fixedpoint is called the centre gfthe circle,
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    Radius The distance from centre to any point on the circle is called radius of the circle, MDIVS = OA
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    Line se ment assin throu h the centre o the circle and whose endpoints lie on the circle is called the diameter gfthe circle, DIAMETER
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    CIRCOMfER,Effce o The length Qfthe circle or the distance around it is called circungference gfthe circle,
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    B A Line segment whose both the ends touches the circunæference and passes through the centre is called diameter, DIAMETER:
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    Relation 6etween radius anddiameter RADIOS = Dl METE OB = AB
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    Ego If diameter of the circle is 10 cm then find its radius? Sol Rødius =diameter/2 radius radius=10 cm/ 2 Diameter = 10cm B
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    Ego If radius of the circle is 6 cm, then find the diameter of the circle? Sol Diameter = 2 Redius Diameter = 2 6cm Diameter = 12 cm Rgdius — — 6cm
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    火 図 O の 五 , レ 五 五 は 火 (C) 五 火 C 五 図 の 環 五 は 0 第 五 C 五 = 3 ェ の 環 五 明 ()P 兇 Q. の 環 五 兇
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    Ego find the circumference (approx) of the circle whose diameter is 10cm. Sol Circumference diameter(approx) Circumference = 3 10 cm Circumference = 30 cm B DIAMETER=IO CM
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    1. what is the relation between radius and diameter of the Circle? Sol. Rgdius =diameter/2 2 What is the relation between circumference and diameter of the circle? Sol Circumference=3Xdiameter(app o 3. In this figure OA orO(Bis radius , A diameter centre O is B
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