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PPT On Class-6 - Mathematics - Perimeter

Published in: Mathematics
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This video is all about mensuration of class 6 from CBSE Maths book.It have the detailed explanation about what mensuration is all about and what is perimeter? .Also the detailed explanation of calculation of perimeter of rectangle and square.For better understanding, the topic is well described by real life day to day examples in pictorial figure.

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    INTRODUCTION What is mensuration? It is branch of mathematics which deals with the calculation of lengths, areas & volumes of different shapes
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    PERIMETER A perimeter is a path that encompasses/surrounds two-dimensional shape. The term may be used either for the path, or its length—in one dimension. It can be thought of as the length of the outline of a shape.
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    PERIMETER CALCULATION Perimeterofa rectangle: 12m Where, length of the rectangle w= width/breadth of the rectangle Rectanqle
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    PERIMETER CALCULATION Pérjmetéö Square Perimeterofa rectangle: As, it's a square so all sides are equal and hence So, Perimeterof a square= 2(l +1 )= 41 Where, length of the rectangle w= width/breadth of the rectangle
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    CLOSURE so/ studied todaywe studied about: What is mensuration? What is perimeter? Square Rectangle Calculation of perimeter: Square Rectangle
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