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Presentation On Class-III- Mathematics - Large Numbers

Published in: Mathematics
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This video consist of about Large Numbers of class 3 from Mathematics.It have the detail explanation about four digit numbers .Kids have learnt upto three digits in earlier grades. In this presentation the topics covered are expanded form which illustrate and help in understanding the concept of expansion of four digit numbers .It also includes the understanding of successor & predecessor to a number.

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    TOPICS TO BE COVERED V EXPANDED FORM Learn Expansion of Number V SUCCESSOR & PREDECESSOR Learn successor & predecessor to a number 6/25/2020 Maths (Large Numbers)
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    6/25/2020 EXPANDED FORM Expanded form of a number is a way to write the number as the sum of the place value of its digits in order. Like think of a 4-digit number Lets say 1947, year when India got Independence. Expanded form of 1947 is •—1000 +-900±40 +-7= 19 Maths (Large Numbers)
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    Successor The number that comes just after a given number is called the successor. Like successor of 1 is 2 The successor of 99 is 100 The successor of 1234 is 1235 Predecessor The number that comes just before a given number is called the predecessor of that number. Like the predecessor of 2 is 1 The predecessor of 15 is 14 The predecessor of 100 is 99 6/25/2020 STUDY Maths (Large Numbers)
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    Closure So, Students today we have studied about — Expanded form of 4 digit numbers — Successor & predecessor 6/25/2020 Maths (Large Numbers)
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    Home Assignment Now write expanded form of following numbers 2463 9028 Write the successor of followi ng nu mbers: 1560 2419 Write the predecessor of following numbers 1073 6/25/2020 Maths (Large Numbers)
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    STUDY Maths (Large Numbers) 6/25/2020 7
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