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Understand Congruent And Similar

Published in: Mathematics
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Geometry congruent and similar

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    Similar When two polygons are the same exact shape, but not the same size, they are similar.
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    Show me Draw an example of two similar figures.
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    Congruent When two polygons are exactly the same size and shape, they are congruent.
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    Examples Congnznt Sqaares Conyuerd Triar* Cogruent Cicle Conyuert Rect&igle
  • 8
    Show me Draw an example of two congruent figures.
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    Neither Shapes that are not the same size or the shape are neither. They are neither congruent nor similar.
  • 11
    kxamples triangle rectangle square trapezoid rhombus
  • 12
    Are the following shapes similar, congruent, or neither?
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    Figure 1 Figure 2
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    8cm 16cm


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