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SI Unit

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This presentation describes all the basic SI Unit and helps to understand what a homogenous equations are

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    Base Quantity Name Time Len th Mass Electric Current Symbol t L m 1 Amount of Substance n (not in A Level) Luminous Intensity Base Unit Name second metre kilogram kelvin ampere mole candela Symbol m kg mol cd
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    Physical Quantity velocity acceleration density momentum force pressure work (energy) power electrical charge potential difference resistance Defined as : Unit Special Name
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    Homogenous Equations J = kg Nkg-l m Nm = kg kgms-2kg-l m kgms-2 m = kgm2s-2 kg m 2s-2 kg m 2s-2 . This equation is homogenous *roca
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    Homogenous Equations = 112 4-2ax m2s-2 - m2s 2+ ms-2 m rn2s2 = m2s2 + m2s 2 , This equation is homogenous
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    Homogenous Equations F = mv N = kg ms- kgms-2 m . This equation is not homogenous
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    Homogenous Equations What is missing? kgms-2 ms I v on rhs , The equation should read: , F = mv2
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    Homogenous Equations Try these: J = kg m2s 2 N m = kg m2s 2 2 -2 = kg m2s-2 kg m s OK and u + at2 ms-I = ms-I + ms 2 s2 ms-I = ms-I + m Not OK s-l is missing, so equation should read:
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    Homogenous Equations Homework: Show that these equations are homogenous a) x = ut + Ihat2 b) T = 21TNl/g C) V = fÅ d) I = nAve e) W = 1/2CV2 What is missing here? f) F = mv - mu
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