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Circle Theorem

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Basic and important theorem based on circle. useful for secondary level students of mathematics

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    O Centre of Circle This is the ARC The Angle x subtended at the centre of a circle by an arc is twice the size of the angle on the circumference subtended by the same arc.
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    ease Centre of Circle O This is the ARC Angle subtended at the Centre is twice the angle at the circumference
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    We are ALL EQUAL Major Segment Minor Segment This is the Arc Subtended in the same segmeoe
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    O Cyclic Quadrilateral 8 If this angle was 600 then angle BCD would be 1800-600=1200 C 1200 Points which lie on the circumference of the same circle are called cyclic (or concyclic) points. A cyclic quadrilateral is a quadrilateral with all its four corners (vertices) on the circumference of the same circle.
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    B â/?gent Țangent TA=TB
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    E B Major Segment C Minor Segment The Shaded Segment BED is called the alternate segment to the angle CBD The angle between a tangent to a circle and a chord drawn through the point of contact is equal to any angle subtended by the chord at the circumference in the alternate segment
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    a semi circle is 90 Centre of Circle Diameter
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