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Topic of this ppt is Conference.

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    PREPARE FOR CONFERENCE Once management decides upon holding a conference, invitation should be sent tactfully and following points should be kept in mind: Purpose of conference should be clearly stated. Venue, day, date and time should be mentioned. If required, exact time when the guest are expected o be in their seats, should be clearly stated. If a prominent personality is coming to inaugurate, his name must be boldly stated.
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    For holding a conference, an organising committee has to be constituted. The committee would work out details of the conference. A conference has to be presided over by a duly elected chairperson. The scope of a conference is generally vast, it has to be divided into several groups or sub-groups for discussion.
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    PARTICIPATING IN CONFERENCE Participant must be clear about the purpose and subject matter of the conference. He must carefully and seriously prepare for the meeting. Participant must show his patience to listen. Until & unless, the participant showed his receptive mood, no meaningful contribution can ever be made to a discussion. He must see to it, that what so ever he says in the conference is related to the agenda. The participant should understand that there is all the scope for reason, but hardly any scope for emotions.
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    OF PUBLIC R BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Public relations is a deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organisation and its public
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    Public consists of all kinds of people who came in contact with it i.e., customers, dealers, suppliers, investors, shareholders, media person, etc.
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    Publicity campaigns sell the products directly and their effectiveness is measured in terms of the sale they fetch. Public relations do not sell the products. They try to promote the respectability of the organisation so that people are impressed by it and are persuaded to buy the product.
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    Role of the public relation in modern business is to deal with public enquiries provide information to the public and receiving feedback. They also arrange for seminars, conferences, reception. They are responsible for arranging press conferences and issuing press releases. They also maintain cordial relations with the government officials.
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    RACTION BET JOURNALISM AND Maintaining relations with the press and keeping the organisation in news is one of the most important jobs of the public relation people.
  • 9
    TOOLS OF PUBLIC RELATIONS Exhibitions and trade fairs: By displaying products at exhibitions and trade fairs brings the organisations and the public close to each other. Radio and Television: Radio and television have become important sources of mass publicity. Questionnaires and opinion Polls: Some organisations, conduct opinion polls to learn how their products or services are being received by the public. Patronizing Sports: This is the latest method adopted by public relation departments to promote good public relations and to project a friendly image.
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    A conference is usually a large gathering of persons who meet to confer on a particular theme or to exchange experience or information.
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    PURPOSE: The discussion in the conference usually results in a set of suggestions or recommendations on the central theme of the conference.
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    TYPES: 1. in a small group conference , people share detailed information about some technical issue or problems. 2. A large group conferences involves several small group discussions by participants over a period of two or three day.
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