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Tangents Of Circle

Published in: Mathematics
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This presentation will help student to understand what tangent is and how they are constructed.

  • 2
    Objectives This presentation explains: a Types of Tangents. Construction of tangents. Construction of incircle. Construction of circumcircle This project will help students understand the concept of tangents and how they are constructed.
  • 3
    Requirements:- a a a a a Compass pencils Eraser Scale Set Square
  • 4
    tangent Chord Secent If line touches the circle at one point only that is tangent called a If line connect the two point at the circle that is called a chord If line intersect the circle at two point that is called secant
  • 5
    Formation of tangent Tangent Circle Chord C Secant B
  • 6
    Definition of tangents APB is called a tangent to the circle The touching point P is called the point of contact. C B
  • 7
    When two circles do not touch B F C We construct four tangents
  • 8
    When two circles touches externally 3rd Tangent 1st Tangent C 2nd Tangent We can construct B O' three tangents APB CQD, PRQ
  • 9
    two circles intersect each Other 1st Tangent C 2nd Tangent B We can construct two tangents AB CD
  • 10
    When two circles touches internally O p O' B We can construct only one tangents APB
  • 11
    When two concurrent circles O' O We can not construct any common tangent
  • 12
    P is a point out side the circle you can construct two tangents passing through Tangent TangentP
  • 13
    Constructing Circumcircle 01 B Steps of Construction Construct a A ABC Bisect the side AB Bisect the side BC The two lines meet at O From O Join B Taking 0B as radius draw a circumcircle.
  • 14
    Constructing of incircle O Steps of construction Construct a A ABC Bisect the z BAC Bisect the z ABC The two lines meet at O Taking O draw OP-L AB Taking OP as radius Draw a circumcircle B
  • 15
    The End
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