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  • Shanker R

    • Bangalore
    • 6 Years of Experience
    • Qualification: MBA/PGDM
    • Teaches: Business English, Effective Communication, IELTS, ...
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Hello...I have formulated a systematic & technical approach to clearing the IELTS Test with Top Marks...Please refer this PPT so that you can get a rough idea as to how I would be coaching you on each of the Modules...Hope to connecting with you all...Good Luck...

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    HOW TO ACE IELTS Reading, Listening, Writing & Speaking.. Introduction to IELTS. The One Thing that Runs in Our Mind from the Moment we Sian up... how do we max the scores on all the Modules There are many ways of doing it... .and then there is the Proven way of doing it.... There are manv Training Modules available online... .and, there are many people providing Tips & Pointers on How to conquer this Front.... For Instance, the book provided by IELTS is definitely a great way of getting started for the test, however, if you would like to get Top Marks in all the Modules, then . ...Take a Few Minutes and go through this presentation....
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    Exam Overview Reading, Listening, Writing & Speaking.. Listening 30 Minutes Writing 60 Minutes Reading 60 Minutes Speaking 11-14 Minutes
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    HOW TO ACE IELTS Reading, Listening, Writing & Speaking.. Readinq Module (60 Mins) - Critical Factors Time Management. Understand the type of questions. Average time spent on each question. Identify the Key Words in the Paragraph. Skimming and Scanning of the Paragraph. Speed Reading Skills. Identification of Headings. Understanding of Grammar. Practice.
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    HOW TO ACE IELTS Reading, Listening, Writing & Speaking.. Listeninq Module (30 Mins) - Critical Factors Clearly follow instructions. Listen for Specific information. , Anticipate Answer TIPS. Accuracy in Grammar and Spelling. Focus on Word Limit. Attempt all answers. Identification of clues. Listen for Key Words. Learn to Multitask.
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    HOW TO ACE IELTS Reading, Listening, Writing & Speaking.. Writinq Module (60 Mins) - Critical Factors Understand the Basic Structure of the Paragraph. , Clear Tasks in Each Paragraph. Focus on the Given Topic. Focus on Spelling and Grammar. Refrain from using Informal Language. Re-read and make Corrections. Identification of Headings. Understanding of Grammar. Practice.
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    HOW TO ACE IELTS Reading, Listening, Writing & Speaking.. Speakinq Module (11—14 Mins) - Critical Factors Clarity of Speech. Formulate Answers. Expression of Opinion. Continuity of Speech. Using of Grammar and Synonyms. Rephrase and Paraphrase. Linking of Key Words and Statements. Focus on Grammar and Topic of Speech. Practice continuous speech for 10 Minutes.
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    CONTACT DETAILS Please contact me if you think this can assist you in your endeavor to ace this Front... 1) Name - Shanker Balachand 2) E Mail - shanker [email protected] 3) Contact - 9844315740 (Whatsapp Number) Looking forward to connecting with you... Best Wishes Shanker Balachand
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