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    WHAT IS PASSIVE VOICE? We use the passive voice to express what happens to the subject of the sentence. In passive sentences the action is much more important than the "doer". We use passive voice when we to emphasize what want happened rather than who did it.
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    Use active voice when the action in a sentence is performed by the subject. @Rickert COMPARE THOSE SITUATIONS Use passive voice when the subject receives the action. NORtviAN mAPE A mess IN THE KITCHEN, o A mess WAS mAPE IN THE KITCHEN,
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    HOW DO WE PASSIVE SENTENCES? In passive sentences the "doer" of the action is the object and is always introduced with the preposition "by" and the receiver of the action is the "subject". A verb in the passive is built with the verb "to be" followed by the past participle of the verb that indicates the action.
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    subject verb object He opens the door. The door js opened by him. subject verb agent
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    Identify the active subject and make it the passive object. Identify the active object and make it the passive subject. Change the active verb tense to passive voice. Check again subject- verb agreement! The passive object or agent should have the preposition BY.
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    SUMMING UP! Rebecca Johnson @johnsonr Follow I finally learned how to teach my guys to ID the passive voice. If you can insert "by zombies" after the verb, you have passive voice. Reply Retweet Favorite


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