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Number System

Published in: Mathematics
  • Madhav K

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You can learn about numbers and their set. Real numbers, Rational, irrational etc

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    NUMBER SYSYTEM REAL NUMBER (R) EX: 3/4, 1.45, 1.3333 3, n, e, 1/3, 112 INTEGERS (Z) EX: -3, -2, -1, O, ZERO EX:O The set of real numbers including all the rational and irrational numbers Any of the positive and negative whole numbers COMPLEX NUMBER EX: O, 1, -1, 3/4, 1.45, 1.3333..., Tt, e, 1/3, 112, 3+1/- 3, 3-v-2 IRRATIONAL (P) n, e, 1/3, 112 TRANSCENDEN TAL NUMBERS EX: Pi 0-0=3.14159..., e-2.7182818... NEGATIVE INTEGER EX: -1, -2, -3 The set of complex numbers includes all the other sets of numbers. The Any number that cannot be expressed by an intege r or the ratio of two integers. Irrational numbers are expressible only as decimal fractions where the digits Any number that cannot be the root of a polynomial equation with rational coefficients. Negative whole numbers IMAGINARY NUMBER TERMINAL There is fix digit DECIMALS after decimal EX: 1.45, 1.6 RATIONAL (Q) EX: 3/4, 1.45, 1.3333...., REPEATING DECIMALS EX: 4/3=1.33333 33... POSITIVE INTEGER EX: 1, 2, 3 Any number that is either an integer "a" or is expressible as the ratio of two integers, a/b. The numerator, "a", may be any whole number, and the denominator, "b", may be any positive whole number greate r than zero. In decimal place, one or more digit repeats itself. No fix digit after decimal. Positive whole numbers Numbers whose squares are negative. They are the square root of minus one, i = V-1, and all real number RNT CLASS BY MADHAV KISHORE 1 NATURAL NUMBERS (N): POSITIVE INTEGER PLUS ZERO


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