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    • Teaches: Zoology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry
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    Evan Dad Cindy Grandma Sue (o Baby Ben Usel
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    PRESENT CONTINUOUS Use it: • • • To talk about things that are happening at the time of speaking. To talk about things that are happening around a present time. To talk about plans, things we have arranged to do in the future. I'm ironing my new blouse. She's working until late this week, I'm visiting my friend Sue next weekend
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    PRESENT CONTINUOUS NOW AT THE MOMENT AT PRESENT JUST NOW RIGHT NOW NOW SHE'S STUDYING FOR THE EXAM. At the moment they are staying with a friend. She's doing the cleaning right now. At present she is not working.
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    We use the Present Continuous tense to talk about: actions and things that are happening now He is drinking. He is reading. He is smiting. HC is singing.
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    ting' Torm of the verb Pronoun verb tn be You She It "I'hev are IS are are playing (lanelll'z smoking barking learning watching it
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    TO WALK (caminar) - Pres. Continuous I am walking You are walking He is walking She is walking It is walking We are walking You are walking They are walking I'm not walking You aren't walking He isn't walking She isn't walking It isn't walking We aren't walking You aren't walking They aren't walking Am I walking ...P? Are you walking ..? Is he walking ...P? Is she walking ...? Is it walking Are we walking Are you walking ..? Are they walking ...?
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    Present continuous am not Paul Jane She You They Mark and Sue Paul and I all other verbs do - doing say - saying am are 're SIT)__ not; is are no Naren't all other verbs play - playing go - going playing doing going swimming running listening eating all other verbs eat eating kiss - kissing www.engames.eu www.engames.eu 1 syllable ending 1 vowel + 1 consonant get - getting sit - sitting skip - skipping swim - swimming lie and die lie — lying die - dying travel, regret travel - travelling regret - regretting verbs ending with -e take - taking make - making shake - shaking
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    What have you arranged for tonight? I have an appointment with my dentist. What are you doing tonight? I am going to the dentist tomorrow. Two or more people have arranged something for the future Usage He is on the pitch now. I am on my way now. He is playing football. I am going to the dentist. He / She / Affirmative + It/ Jane We / They / David and John are doing doing doing What's he doing? He is sleeping. Something is happening NOW do - doing read - reading VERB + ing Present continuous play - playing work - working -e NO -e + ing Negative - What Where He / She / It / Jane We / They / David and John am not is not isn't not hae - having shave - shaving share - sharing take - taking die - dying -ie changes to y + ing lie — lying She is not playing tennis. She is playing football. DOING One sylable ends with 1 vowel and 1 consonant double the last consonant Question ? he / she / it/ Jane we / they / David and John doing doing doing doing doing doing get - getting stop - stopping run - running


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