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Algebraic Expression

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Basic idea about algebraic expression use

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    Algebraic Expressions
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    Definitions Variable — A variable is a letter or symbol that represents a number (unknown quantity), 12
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    Definitions A variable can use any letter of the alphabet. (expect o and needs to be lower case) ox—7 W - 25
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    Definitions Algebraic expression — an expression that contains at least one variable, operation, and constant
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    Definitions A constant is a number that does not change. A coefficient is a number multiplied or divided by a variable. 6x + 5 6 is the coefficient, x is the variable, and 5 is the constant.
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    Definitions Evaluate an algebraic expression — To find the value of an algebraic expression substitute numbers for variables and simplify. m = 2 2+8=10 5-3=2
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    Definitions A term is a part of an expression that are added or subtracted 5x + 6 — 4x This expression has 3 terms: 5x, 6, and 4x A like term are terms who have the same variable raised to the same power In the expression above, 5x and 4x are like terms
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    Definitions Simplify — Combine like terms and complete all operations 4+8= 12
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    Words That Lead to Addition , Sum , More than Increased , Plus Altogether
  • 10
    Words That Lead to Subtraction Decreased Less Difference How many more
  • 11
    Write Algebraic Expressions for These Word Phrases Ten more than a number o A number decrease by 5 6 less than a number o A number increased by 8 The sum of a number & 9 4 more than a number n + 10
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    Write Algebraic Expressions for These Word Phrases A number s plus 2 A number decrease by 1 31 less than a number A number b increased by 7 The sum of a number & 6 9 more than a number x -31
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    Evaluate each algebraic expression when x = 10 0 X + 49 OX + X ox-x ox-7 0 42 — X 18 59 20 3 32
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    Complete This Table 29
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    Complete This Table
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    Write an Algebraic Expression for These Situations ' Scott's brother is 2 years younger than Scott The sum of two numbers is 12 V 12 The difference between two numbers is 5
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