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Perimeter And Area

Published in: Mathematics
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This is about what perimeter and area is and some common formulas for some 2D figures. Important for class vii students of CBSE board

  • 1
    The perimeterofra closed plane figure is the length of its boundary. 8cm 7cm IOcm 8cm 15cm _ 15 +8+7 = 48cm
  • 2
    Rectangle L- 8cm p=l+b+l+b o Square L=6cm p = 6+6+6+6 p=l+l+l+l = 41 or 4s b Triangles c a
  • 3
    Area is the space within the boundary ora figure.
  • 4
    —Areaofpa ra I I elog ra m height! base Area of parallelogram=basexheight
  • 5
    Area of a triangle h b Area h b h b =lhxbasexheig h t
  • 6
    Area of trapezium D K c Area of trapezium ABCD area fAABC + area fAACD = (1/2 x BC x AH) + (1/2 x AD x Cl
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    ΤΗΑΝΚ γου


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