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Newton's Laws

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This is about all the three laws of Newton and differnet terms reated to these three laws

  • 1
    Chapter 3 Newton's Law NEXT Visit For 100's of free powerpoints
  • 2
    Newton's Laws o Newton's First Law Law of Inertia o o Newton's Second Law o Newton's Third Law Action Reaction o o Law of Universal Gravitation NEXT Gmm' 2 PREVIOUS
  • 3
    Mass is measured in kilograms. is the measure of the inertia of an object. o Inertia is the natural tendency of a body resist changes in motion. PREVIOUS NEXT
  • 4
    Force o ethe agency of change. o .changes the velocity. o is a vector quantity. o ...measured in Newton's. PREVIOUS NEXT
  • 5
    Newton' s First Law o Law of Inertia o "A body remains at rest or moves in a straight line at a constant speed unless acted upon by a force.' PHILOSOPHIÆ NAT U R ALI S PRINCIPIA MATHEMATICA. SO'E IMPRIMATUR. f. OSS. NEXT PREVIOUS
  • 6
    Newton's First Law o No mention of chemical composition o No mention of terrestrial or celestial realms o Force required when object changes motion o Acceleration is the observable consequence of forces acting NEXT PREVIOUS
  • 7
    Newton' PHILOSOPHIÆ NAT U R ALI S PRINCIPIA M ATHFMATICA. SOLE IMPRIMATUR. S. OSS. NEXT s Second Law The Sum of the Forces acting on a body is proportional to the acceleration that the body experiences F = (mass) a PREVIOUS
  • 8
    ma Net Force NEXT — ma — ma — ma PREVIOUS
  • 9
    Newton's Third Law o Action-Reaction o For every action force there is an equal and opposite reaction force PHILOSOPHIÆ NATURALIS PRINCIPIA MATHEMATICA. .xøa•e ea. S.. IMPRIMATUR. NEXT PREVIOUS
  • 10
    The Law of Gravity o Every mass exerts a force of attraction on every other mass. The math... Gmm' 2 OG = 6.67 x 10-11 N.m2/kg2 PREVIOUS NEXT
  • 11
    Gravity Questions o Did the Moon exert a gravitational force on the Apollo astronauts? o What kind of objects can exert a gravitational force on other objects? NEXT PREVIOUS
  • 12
    Gravity Questions o The constant G is a rather small number. What kind of objects can exert strong gravitational forces? o If the distance between two objects in space is doubled, then what happens to the gravitational force between them? NEXT PREVIOUS
  • 13
    Weight o The weight of an object Fw is the gravitational force acting downward on the object. NEXT PREVIOUS
  • 14
    Tension (Tensile Force) o Tension is the force in a string, chain or tendon that is applied tending to stretch it. NEXT PREVIOUS
  • 15
    Normal Force o The normal force on an object that is being supported by a surface is the component of the supporting force that is perpendicular to the surface. NEXT PREVIOUS
  • 16
    Coefficient of Friction Kinetic Friction o Static Friction o In most cases, < us. NEXT PREVIOUS
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    On to problems„,


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