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Competition Level Questions For Classes 9-10

Published in: Mathematics
  • Anshul G

    • Pune
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    • Teaches: Mathematics, Algebra
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With Regular studies its necessary to brush up your skills with questions of good level. Here is my own designed power point show having 5 questions

  • 1
    Brain Teasers in MATHS BEST OF LUCK
  • 2
    1, 2. 3. 4. Question I Ananya has two pairs of pants , three T shirts and two pair of shoes. She wears a different outfit everyday. How many possible combinations can she wear 12 15 8 10
  • 3
    Question 11 If (a-b) is 6 more than (c+d) and (a+b) is 3 less than (c-d) then (a-c) is
  • 4
    3. 4. Question 111 If 1.5x=o.04y, then the value of (y-x)/(y+x) is 730/77 73/77 7-3/77 073/77
  • 5
    Question IV The least multiple of 7, which leaves a remainder of 6,9,15 and 18 is 364
  • 6
    Question V Subjective Question '0 (a-3)A2 + (b+4)A2 = O THEN FIND THE VALUE OF 5ab


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