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Current Electricity

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A ppt on Current Electricity

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    Current Electricity
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    Charge, current and potential What is an electric current? ' How can we calculate the charge flow in a circuit? What are charge carriers? What do we mean by potential difference?
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    What is an electric current? For current to flow you must have a complete circuit A power source is needed to create a POTENTIAL DIFERENCE When these conditions are met free electrons move about inside the metal.
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    Which way does current flow Current A simple circuit The unit of current is the Ampere (A) The symbol for current is I Electrons A simple circuit
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    The ping pong experiment Draw the diagram of the ping pong experiment in your book Explain how the charge carriers (electrons) flow around the circuit. The unit of charge is the coulomb (C) The coulomb is defined as equal to the charge flow in one second when the current is one Ampere. The symbol of charge is Q To calculate the change in charge in a circuit you must multiply the current by the change in time
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    IA in IOS is IOC 3A in IOS is 30C 5A in 200s is loooc -19 e = 1.6 x 10 c -19 As the charge of an electron is 1.6 x 10 a current of IA along the wire must be due to 18 6.25 x 10 electrons passing per second. Summary questions The current in a certain wire is 0.35A. Calculate the charge passing a point in the wire 1) 1) In IOS 2) in 10 minute Calculate the average current in a wire through which a charge of 15C passes in 1) In IOS 2) in 10 minute Calculate the number of electrons passing a point in the wire in 10min 2) when the current is 1) 1.01-IA 2) 5.0 A
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    Basic Electrical Circuits Calculate the charge of the circuits drawn on the board if they were running for 10 s 10 min You should know this formula from earlier work Calculate the resistance of the bulb in the circuits drawn on the board


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