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Play With Physics Basic Physics For 9th 10th Students

Published in: Physics
  • Yashveer S

    • Delhi
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    • Qualification: M.Sc
    • Teaches: History, Physics, Mathematics, English
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here I am providing the basic of physics in a very easy way . It will be more helpful the students who have the phobia of physics. So let's study physics like a game . I hope children are going to love this, I hope you will like it .

  • 1
    PHYSICS INTRODUCTORY PHYSICS 1 so are you ready TO PLAY WITH PHYSICS ? Basics Lets play with physics Yashveer Singh B.SC. + M.SC. Physics Delhi university 8383882912
  • 2
    Never forget to ask why?? Why does E=MC2 Because I say so !
  • 3
    Never take physics as burden let's make it funniest thing on this earth FINISH HIM!! t DON'T WANNA...
  • 4
    Course Information Target students 9th and 10th students Basic that should everyone should know
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    1) 2) 3) 4) Succeeding in Physics mantra Do your homework daily Always look the routine work and observe physics Make sure you understand both "why" and "why not" Interrupt the lecturer where ever you think you are loosing something
  • 6
    Mechanics Basics + advanced part all included in summary Quantified largely by Galileo Problems involve: velocity, acceleration, mass, momentum, energy, torque, angular momentum, moment of inertia...
  • 7
    UNITS (Systéme Internationale) Dimension Length Mass Time SI (mks) unit meters (m) kilogram (kg) seconds (s) Definition Distance traveled by light in 1/(299.792.458) s Mass of a specific platinum- iridium allow cylinder kept by Intl. Bureau of Weights and Measures at evres, France 9,192,631 , 700 oscillations of cesium atom
  • 8
    Standard Kilogram at Sevres
  • 9
    Dimensional Analysis Dimensions & units can be treated algebraically. Variable from Eq. x dimension m
  • 10
    Dimensional Analysis Checking equations with dimensional analysis: X f —Xi Vit —at (L/T2)T2 = L Each term must have same dimension Two variables can not be added if dimensions are different Multiplying variables is always fine Numbers (e.g. 1/2 or T) are dimensionless
  • 11
    Example 1.1 Check the equation for dimensional consistency: 2 mc mgh = 2 — mc Here, m is a mass, g is an acceleration, c is a velocity, h is a length
  • 12
    Example 1.2 Consider the equation: 2 Mm 2 Where m and M are masses, r is a radius and v is a velocity. What are the dimensions of G ? L3/(MT2)
  • 13
    Example 1.3 Given "x" has dimensions of distance, "u" has dimensions of velocity, "m" has dimensions of mass and "g" has dimensions of acceleration. Is this equation dimensionally valid? (4 / 3)ut I — (2gt2 / x) Yes Is this equation dimensionally valid? 2 I— mgt No
  • 14
    Units vs. Dimensions Dimensions: L, T, M, L/ T Units: m, mm, cm, kg, g, mg, s, hr, years When equation is all algebra: check dimensions When numbers are inserted: check units Units obey same rules as dimensions: Never add terms with different units Angles are dimensionless but have units (degrees or radians) In physics sin(Y) or cos(Y) never occur unless Y is dimensionless
  • 15
    Example 1.3 Grandma traveled 27 minutes at 44 m/s. How many miles did Grandma travel? 44.3 miles
  • 16
    -8 - •ق بتج بم و ٥ • م ن ح ت ٥ ح : ي يع ج ت Z ن
  • 17
    Example 1.4a 40m -k I I cm = ? The above expression yields: a) 40.11 m b) 4011 cm d) Impossible to evaluate (dimensionally invalid)
  • 18
    Example 1.4b 1.5m, 3.0kg = ? The above expression yields: a) 4.5 m kg b) 4.5 g km c) A or B d) Impossible to evaluate (dimensionally invalid)
  • 19
    Example 1.4b I .5 m-3.0 kg m/s = ? The above expression yields: a) -1.5 m b) -1.5 kg d) Impossible to evaluate (dimensionally invalid)


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