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    Topics ' About Author ' About Story ' Explanation ' Summary ' Question and Answers
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    About Author (1892-1965) w a s the pen name of Gaurishankar Govardhandas Josh, a prolific writer, who is considered one of the pioneers (one who is the first ) of person to begin something the Gujarati. short story Dhumaketu (1892-1965)
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    He published twenty-four collections of short as well as thirty-two novels on stories, historical and social subjects and plays and travelogues (related to travels). His writing is characterized (having features) by a poetic style romanticism and powerful depiction (the action of showing) of human emotions.
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    About the story The story "The Letter" depicts the feelings of an old man who suffers loneliness as his daughter left him as she was married and went to her husband's home. He has not received any letter from her for the last six months. It makes him all the more anxious and sad. He visits everyday the post office in the hope of getting a letter from his daughter But the post office employees do not respect his feelings. Let's read more to understand the story...
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    400 Explanation ' 1. In the grey sky of early dawn stars still glowed (shone), as happy memories light up a life that is nearing its close. An old man was walking through the town now and again drawing his tattered (torn) clothes tighter to shield his body from the cold and biting wind.
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    houses came the sound of ' From some grinding mills and the sweet voices of women singing at their work, and the Sounds helped him along his lonely way. Except for the occasional bark of a dog the distant steps of a workman going early to work, or the screech (scream) of a bird disturbed before its time the whole town was wrapped in deathly silence. til
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    inhabitants (residents) were still in the arms of sleep, the sleep ' Most of its profound (deep) on account of the which grew more and more intense ) winter cold; for the cold used sleep to extend (increase) its sway ext re e (influence) over all things even as a false friend lulls (mal
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    400 The old man, shivering at times but fixed of purpose, plodded (walked with slow steps) on till he came out of the town-gate on to a straight road. Along this he now went at a somewhat slower pace, supporting himself on his old staff (sticl<
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    one side of the road was a row of trees on the other side the town's public garden . The sky was darker now and the cold more intense, for the wind was blowing straight along the road on which they fell like frozen snow, only the faint light of the morning star.
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    ' At the end of the garden stood a handsome building of the newest style, and the light gleamed (shone) threw the crevices (small crackers) of its closed doors and windows. Beholding (watching) the wooden arch of this building, the old man was filled with the joy that the pilgrim feels when he first sees the goal of his journey.
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    t 'XeEPOST OFFICE ' On the arch hung an old board with the newly painted letters "Post Office". The old man went in quietly and squatted (sat) on the veranda. The voices of two or three people busy and their routine work could be faintly heard threw the wall.
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    ' Police Superintendent a voice called sharply The old started (moved) at the sound, but h composed man himself again to wait. But for the faith and love, that warmed him, he could not have borne the bitter cold. ' 5. Name after name rang out from within as the clerk read out the English addresses in the letters and flung (threw) them to the waiting postmen.
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    ' From long practice, he had acquired great speed at reading out the titles Commissioner, Superintendent, Diwan Sahib, Librarian and in flinging the letters out. ' 6. In the midst of this procedure a jesting voice from inside called 'Coachman Ali!' The old raised his eyes to heaven in man got up, gratitude and stepping forward put his hands to the door.
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    ' 7. "Gokul Bhai!l ' 8. "Yes who is there?" 9. "You called out coachman Ali's name didn't you. Here I am I have come for my letter." ' 10. "It's a mad man, sir, who worries us by calling everyday for letters that never come," said the clerk to the postmaster. 11. The old man went back slowly to the bench on which he had been accustomed to sit for five long years.
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    ' 12. Ali had been a clever shikari As his skill increased so did his love for the hunt, till at last it was as impossible for him to pass a day without hunting as it is for the opium- forgo miss) his daily portion. When eater to Ali sighted the earth-brown partridge almost invisible to other eyes, the poor bird, they said was as good as in his bag.
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    crouching (bending and lowering) Even when the His sharp eyes saw the hare dogs failed to see the creature cunningly hidden in the yellow brown scrub (stiff bush), Ali's eyes would catch the sight of his ears; and in another moment it was dead. Besides this, he would often go out with his friends, the fishermen.
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    coming near), he left his ' 13. But when the evening of his life was drawing in old ways and suddenly took a new turn His only child Miriam married and left him. She went off with a soldier into his regiment in the Punjab, and for the last five years he had no news of this daughter for whose sake alone he dragged along a cheerless existence.
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    ΤΗΑΝΚ γου


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